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  1. Mandoros

    When will the USS CVs be buffed

    Im sick and tired of 3 DB squad(=21!planes) goes on amagi and hit 2 hits by [content removed] mogami AA skills Profanity. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  2. im new to this forum so if this topic was old one. lead me to that article winrate difference of USS and IJN CVs over tier 8 is almost 7~10%. this is same on SEA, NA, EU server. and cant believe WARgaming didnt fix this imbalance still in 0.5.8. 2 TBs must be returned. and i think that return still cannot make USS cvs better than IJNs
  3. i just read that 0.5.1 patchnote stuff and i cant find anything on that original links to NA website. i can say that USN DD torps change is something wrong.... it means USN DD nerf. and fletcher's changes r really mistake. what r u guys think about it?
  4. i heard NA server is selling Fujin, Tier V IJN DD for halloween. so r there any possibilities for me to see that being sold in SEA sever?
  5. kitakami was removed in game now, but WOWS team is still balancing with kitakami and kitakami got MM Buffed on last patch. it seems Kitakami can return for sales. so is there any plans about kitakami?
  6. Mandoros


    ohhhh cant wait
  7. Mandoros

    And people keep saying US Destroyer need buff...

    o....mg this user must be unicom or something. Or he just dont have mahan or benson who meets mogami or myoko Mogami cant hit dd in 11km cause of ur avoiding maneuver? U really met noob ones only. If u r saying i only fight in 13km or against bb that also make no sense. U cant hit ur guns to CA In 13km since they maneuver TOO. and u cant dmg iowa with that [Redacted] 5 inches. Profanity. Post edited, user warned. ~Syanda
  8. damn people are getting angry...... time to give us tirpitz!
  9. As all u guys know, WOT has some 'garage' where we can store, or sell used old modules and shells. but I cant find this on WOWS. where are my old used modules? ex> cleveland (A), New orleans (A). Benson(A)...... I think if i CAN sell all these 'gone' modules i CAN get about 15 million credits more. is there any plan to do with this?
  10. yeah. i think its time for WG to tell us more specific info. about it. at least it will be released in august or have to wait till oct...
  11. although no special articles in official EU website, their premium shop started to sell tirpitz bundle by today. i know this kinda thread is already in forum, but i want to ask more specific thing.... 1. seems EU forum WG staff is now able to tell users about tirpitz selliing plan. still asia WG staffs cant tell anything to us? 2. EU tirpitz bundle is quite expensive its almost 80 bucks with extra doubloons and premium. if u can tell us more specific information now, i wanna ask how it will be sold. like bundle in EU? or only tirpitz + slot? it will be quite expensive if it released on bundle.... when will it arrive? any clues....
  12. Mandoros

    4.1 update video

    that post is gone by now. maybe it was to be released after 0.4.1 comes
  13. Mandoros


    WTF!!!!! Tell me or Ill find u and k... u
  14. yeah. dont try to use torpedo in farragut. ur job is kill minekaze and die
  15. Mandoros


    hey this writer really wants to know when it is released, not histrotical facts........ so no one knows about realeasing date?