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    [MOD] Simakaze Alert

    Hello, I'm Inisa. This MOD changes Alert image to simakaze. I used fairy shadow picture from 코코중위's MOD. Enjoy! How to use : Just extract in warships game folder. Download : Click Here
  2. (It changes like this....) Hello guys, i'm Inisa. I'm not good at speak English.... So, please if you can't understand my word, it's my fault. Sorry for that. This mod... nope, this image file changes Ship Icon in the battle. I used Word Image from Aslain's WoWS ModPack, and used Girl's image from Mod: KanColle GUI Transformer v1.0 I used same Girl's image that Mod: KanColle GUI Transformer v1.0​ at same ship. so, it means this file is compatible with Mod: KanColle GUI Transformer v1.0. (of course you can use this file without Mod: KanColle GUI Transformer v1.0​ too) hmm... Enjoy! * Thanks for Aslain and Team 20.3cm. * How to use : Just Extract files in to gui folder (resmod) Download : Here If Aslain and Team 20.3cm comment they wants to delete this file , I'll delete this posting soon.