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  1. No more annoying than being one-shotted by a BB from across the map.
  2. Of the ships available at the moment the Murmansk. It makes the monies. The Atago is fairly efficient as well and has some buffs coming with 0.5.1. which should make it even more so. If money (real, not in-game) wasn't the topic, the Tirpitz would have to come out on top. Unfortunately no longer available. But that thing just farms credits.
  3. ahabse7en

    those who say CV is OP

    I agree, CVs aren't OP but AA is definitely UP.
  4. As far as I understand the fonts for the chat are contained in an swf file. I can't see how it would be technically difficult to install other "font packs" as well. Even if it's simply for aesthetic reasons. The boxes detract from what is otherwise a pretty good looking interface. Aside from this, as Trinetra said, at least give us the chance of reading what is typed. Communication obviously plays a big part of WOWs, at least it should. Requiring players to only type in English is asking too much. Besides, the inability of a person to speak your language shouldn't be the thing that is criticised more than your inability to understand the language spoken. Technical issues aside (and I imagine there would be a few), I wouldn't mind seeing a translation feature - crappy/humorous translation or not.
  5. ahabse7en

    invisi-fire by ichase

    This should not, I repeat, NOT, be encouraged. Signed, A BB driver
  6. ahabse7en

    stormy game as a hardcore game

    Sailors get seasick all the time. Re the storm suggestion: I already can't hit sh** on the horizontal plane, why would I want verticality (not sure if that's a word) added to the mix. On second thoughts the lower tier BB's vertical dispersion may come in handy in such situations.
  7. ahabse7en


    Plenty of better good ships in the tech tree line. I actually don't think you're missing out too much re the Tirpitz - if that is any consolation (it probably isn't)
  8. ahabse7en

    Massive fps drops

    I'm having a similar issue, but only when I clone to a second monitor, fps stutters between 10-70. But if I run the game windowed and cloned, no problems. If I run just the one monitor I get 70-77fps smooth as butter. All settings on high/very high. Sounds like a driver issue to me.