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  1. Worst Luck

    I'm struggling with enjoying this game currently. having to play at least 7 games before I get a win. I do understand i'm not the most amazing player but game firing a full fuso broadside and only have 1-2 shell hit.....and they were bloody bounces aswell....it's garbage. How the hell is this game 'fun and engaging' personally it's currently 'shit and enraging'. /rant
  2. Increased Ping for aussie players

    I noticed that just after i posted it
  3. Increased Ping for aussie players

    I'm in brissy on Fiber To The Premise and i was getting around 45-80ms. now it's up to around 300-500ms.
  4. Increased Ping for aussie players

    Damn right!
  5. So once again the cable between Perth and Singapore is having issues again. which means for us around 150-300ms ping times in-game. Source:http://advisories.internode.on.net/item/16280/ Good luck Aussie players. **EDIT** Also hang out for this next year! https://australiasingaporecable.com/
  6. Perth - Singapore cable cut again

    Link: http://advisories.internode.on.net/item/15630/ only really affects WA as the eastern states go on a different underwater line.
  7. Struggling with the Koing

    Cheers arcane for the advice, divisioned up with some fellow forum members before and had a 94k damage game in the koing.
  8. Struggling with the Koing

    deleting kuma captians when they sail broadside to a BB is my favourite past time.
  9. Struggling with the Koing

    Will hold you to that, just got the last hull upgrade for the Koing!
  10. Struggling with the Koing

    Sounds like that could be a plan
  11. Struggling with the Koing

    Just had a game in the New York with my shells being rather accurate when I gave enough lead.
  12. Struggling with the Koing

    Yeah the ship stock is horrid to play, i've only got the last hull upgrade to go so hopefully it becomes better.
  13. Struggling with the Koing

    Stronk German armor for German bias and blitzkrieg tatics I see and set ships alight like they did london? thank you
  14. Struggling with the Koing

    I really struggle to see how the koing is t5 best girl. Im more successful in the New York