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  1. nfcs2016


    I once got banned 7 days for saying "Kiss kiss" i guess they dont allow to spread love 😞
  2. nfcs2016

    LOL make them FAMOUS

    Well then you should attach your game replay to WG and along with this screenshot, let WG handle it
  3. nfcs2016

    LOL make them FAMOUS

    First you should just submit a support ticket to report this such behaviour but we dont know what you two conversion in game so is hard to tell you are in the right side or not but posting on the forum like this well is not a very good move
  4. nfcs2016

    Cv attack aircraft gun reworks

    why do you need to open a new thread when we already have a post talking about it ?
  5. nfcs2016

    New CV mechanics

    WG really need to think again on how to position CV in the game, now with hybrid also in the water there are few question arise will cv become more and more obsolete, CV OP in it own way yes, but so is other class but this rocket change really damage CV ability to either defence or ability to help in team to perform in a helpful way.
  6. nfcs2016

    FK cv and those aboanimatons half CV

    In real life Yamato got bullied by US Air group, Repulse got bullied by Japanese Air group, in both case they got sunk without a chance to fight back, you were alone in a cyclone, CV found you, bomb you and decided to come after you then its their choice, its not like a round based game where they can only attack you once and no more, it dosnt work like that, i dont see you complain if yamato decide to shoot at you all game long and when cv bomb you, you make a post and whine about it.
  7. nfcs2016

    New CV mechanics

    in the hand of RNG Jesus XD
  8. nfcs2016

    New CV mechanics

    Thats a really good point, if CV able to participate more in CAP it could help to protect its fleet in more wider range, I am ok with rocket plane to be remove from the game in exchange for controllable CAP
  9. nfcs2016

    New CV mechanics

    Poll is up guys, put in your vote to show WG your opinion 🙂
  10. No one know as of yet as WG have not finalise any tech tree information yet, i guess we have to wait and see, be patience, it will come soon
  11. nfcs2016

    New CV mechanics

    Polling Added
  12. nfcs2016

    New CV mechanics

    its not a bug, it is part of the new patch where rocket plane fire the machine gun first before firing the rocket 🙂, its really not a good news for CV player
  13. nfcs2016

    I need intelligence data!

    we are not intelligence enought i guessed ? 🙂
  14. nfcs2016

    New CV mechanics

    you just made my day XD