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  1. WanWan101

    Design A Patch submission

    Author/Artist : WanWan101 Patch Name: 'Potato' Exterminator Media: Hand Drawn + Colour (Trad) and a bit colour correction (PS CS5) Description: Who doesn't like Potato (potato chips and french fries etc etc)? but in this context, it's those people who sailed near the BlueLine throughout the battle or those rushing cap and died within 30 sec after contact. But if you are not (or you think you are not) those potatos, this patch is for you ( no offense for those potatos tho, as author is also one of 'em)
  2. WanWan101

    WoWs Crash (post-0.5.16)

    Even after checking(and repairing) the game integrity. the problem is still there. not sure if it caused by the new feature (song will be switched with another, each time we tab out from game and tab in again)
  3. WanWan101

    WoWs Crash (post-0.5.16)

    As the title says... It happens three times, in just today. (and happened each time the game tabbed out)
  4. WanWan101

    Supertest Recruitment Round 4

    WanWan101 I would like to apply to be a Supertester. (:3
  5. WanWan101

    Hall of Fame Q4.

    Will try my luck :3 Konigsberg: Aoba: Pensacola: New Orleans: