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  1. Light_carrier_ryujo

    thoughts on the new RNBB T10 *finnished version

    Conqueror---conquering the helpless BB and CA on open seas since 2017 With the acccccurate guns it can hunt the stupid DD and RN CL in smoke and send them back to dock in seconds Although it has less HP and less torp reduction...its still OP (Anyway RIP for Des Moines,another BB that can pen u till the dead end)
  2. Light_carrier_ryujo

    ASIA Q&A, round 1

    Greetings Sub_Octavian I would like to ask questions about clan-related stuff and community event related stuff 1.The clan system has been implemented in game for a while,however there wasnt ANY single event related to clans. It feels like WG doesn't take clan features as a priority stuff. As a player who is very concerned and interested about clan features,may I ask -When will more clan related features being newly implemented in game? -Also,any plans on clan wars? 2.The recent event---clash of elements was another community event after the Kamikaze R project But,to my knowledge,players were dissatisfied with this event(Especially chinese circles) Mainly because of the too high requirement to get Kamikaze and the recent incident* (Players in China spotted the data of Water Team was still increasing,even the server is under maintenance) This resulted in players reluctant in participating in the clash of elements event. (Check the stat of 1st round and 2nd round.It can be seen that in 1st round the fire team have a superioity in terms of all,however the number greatly decreased in R2) So,my questions is -How do WG set up their standards(Goals to be accomplished) in this kind of community events? -How do WG see their events in the server? How would WG see an event to be success? 3.Would WG support the community projects related to Clan stuff,that was initiated by players?
  3. Light_carrier_ryujo

    Clan List---the English version

    Thanks for the data btw update requires time Estimated to be updated before Easter Gib gift for faster update
  4. Light_carrier_ryujo

    Clan List---the English version

    By scanning the stat of the players. Three factors considering them unicum or not Win Rate.Average Damage and Battles Either of them is miss,the player wont be considered as a unicum
  5. Light_carrier_ryujo

    Clan List---the English version

    Oh No melon is mad against drakon
  6. Light_carrier_ryujo

    Clan List---the English version

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LJCsmQO8fGf_sN41szGW9KjzJBtYInGye3x1hk4tC1Q/edit?usp=sharing stupid la forget to put the link
  7. Light_carrier_ryujo

    Clan List---the English version

    Greetings.Its Light_carrier_ryujo here I have created a clan list which briefly describe clans,and comparing the clans Anyone interested in clan,please read it. I am sure you will be satisfied If you like my clan list,support it by giving gifts to me lel Preview images below https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LJCsmQO8fGf_sN41szGW9KjzJBtYInGye3x1hk4tC1Q/edit?usp=sharing the clan list
  8. Light_carrier_ryujo

    Mini patch fixed the **** problem?

    You know,Essex has the word sex in it(So its censored
  9. Light_carrier_ryujo

    About the Clan List

    I must mention that,theres REALLY a clan scuttled themselves due to some conflict of interest(7v7,CN clan) they used to be a unicum clan but disbanded in 24 hours I am pretty mad though,I cant play wows properly for 20days This make me badass in different situation Think about the BELOW average clan pls. Dont scuttle. Theres hope
  10. Light_carrier_ryujo

    About the Clan List

    There are 169 clans now in beta test stage,you can make use of the clan tags I listed in my sheet form to have a look Some clans in my form are with colour,its for distinguishing the region(nationality) of the clans But I only know a few,as I dont have all the info [unicum List] Poi is the one which Eurobeat is in.The red word clans are all from TW and they are competitive The purple word clan are CN one. PCL(known as LOP in TB) is the strongest among them Meanwhile I am in PANTS.(Although I am from HK but I am not in HKGGG for some reason The japanese clans in pink colour are the unicums KOREA and HKGGG are the special clans...The most unicum players in KOR and HK region and STEIN in the above average list lel... Please point out my mistake if I am wrong
  11. Light_carrier_ryujo

    About the Clan List

    Oh Yes of course u can As long as I want to update the list,lol
  12. Light_carrier_ryujo

    About the Clan List

    Agree...the clan function now is just a website and a browser in WOWS.exe and its hard for me to even remember the unicum clans,even the tags
  13. Light_carrier_ryujo

    About the Clan List

    So...we used to have a clan list in the clan function I found it very useful as I can use it to tidy up the data and make use of it I can also know the total number of the clans. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17rzrGoCCO8-51YGExtRYB1TpfbwO290h93bcJbrbIiA/edit?usp=sharing (In Chinese) This is the sheet I made,recording and showing the clans,to let players know them whether the clan is unicum one or not Now,the clan list disappeared,what remains is the clan search function But...in fact...who can remember all the 169 clan tags? Its quite useful if one want to search a specific clan but not for one who want to tidy up all the info I think that its a good plan for the devs to have clan list and clan search in the Clan function For players want to find specific clan or look at all the info. Maybe its a selfish demand from me...but can the devs put back the clan list please?
  14. Light_carrier_ryujo

    Black friday sale

    So NA get their Black Fri Sale Which gives them so much and much good stuff Meanwhile we get a stupid collector's bundle and still without Fujin Asia Server _____ server I mean great server Now wheres our ______ Fujin Bundle again?
  15. Light_carrier_ryujo

    Wows Clans Beta

    So I noticed 4 clans that are related to the guys who are active on forum STEIN POI LEAK BLUMR (lel am I right? and can anyone tell me whats the relation between these four clans? (Go STEIN.Probably The clan with most people in SEA region and full of people active on forum POI is a unicum clan while LEAK and BLUMR....I dont know much about these two clans