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  1. LargerNeptune3

    General Questions Thread

    In the notes published for the next season of Clan Battles (11.4) it says this: I am not sure what the last quoted line means - specifically, does the one BB rule include or not include superships? For example, does it mean that a team which includes a supership that is a BB (eg Satsuma) : 1. is allowed another Tier X BB which is not supership (eg a Satsuma and Kremlin are allowed on one team), plus another supership [ie the one BB rule does not count superships]; or 2. is not allowed to use another Tier X BB (eg a Satsuma and Kremlin are not allowed on one team) [ie the one BB rule includes superships] Thanks for answering @Vaxso not sure if you are correct person to tag
  2. LargerNeptune3

    Important message for the community

    This is all good information, thank you for posting. It is appreciated to read the road map, and I for one am looking forward to seeing what the excellent WOWS team of artists and developers has coming up 🙂 I am also interested to know it WG will be seeking to keep the game rating for WOWS for people under 18 years of age - I know recently WG mentioned they were looking to reclassify as a 12+ game, but the loot box mechanic is clearly a sales funnel for gambling, and will obviously create issues for those players who are "problem gamblers" ... especially those vulnerable players who are under 18 years old. So I am wondering , will WG will seek to classify the game for over 18s rather than seek a rating which allows marketing the game to children aged 12-17? [i assume WG is committed to the loot box mechanic - please correct this assumption if it is not accurate]
  3. The annoouncement for 10.7 says "More details about the new season of Clan Battles are available in a dedicated article." but I can't see any "dedicated article" anywhere ... I am looking for maps and name of Season 14 ... anyone able to point me in the right direction? thanks
  4. LargerNeptune3

    Update 0.10.7: Submarines in Ranked Battles

    "More details about the new season of Clan Battles are available in a dedicated article." I can't see any "dedicated article" ... I am looking for maps and name of Season 14 ... thanks
  5. thanks for the work @S4pp3R Hey Wargaming, it would be nice to have more Commonwealth ships in the line 🙂
  6. LargerNeptune3

    APAC All-Stars: English speaking community vote

    @S4pp3R u r a wordsmith 🙂
  7. LargerNeptune3

    APAC All-Stars: English speaking community vote

    Go @sherpington 🙂
  8. LargerNeptune3

    Looking for a clan !

    I cry in a very manly way mate 🙂 but you are right, we prefer small personalities and larger 'neptunes' 😉
  9. LargerNeptune3

    Looking for a clan !

    Ta @S4pp3R ... mate just come and play CBs with one of us, you know you want to! @Arturia_Pendragon come here if you want to check out 1AN :https://discord.gg/JXKCVKh - we are always happy to have more players, even weebs! 🙂
  10. LargerNeptune3

    Clan Brawl changes

    @KingNeptunes nice one mate, cheers for the support - let us know if you need some sometime dude so we can all return the favour
  11. LargerNeptune3

    Clan Brawl changes

    This seems like a poor response - there should be automatic compensation to all affected players - a cheap "sorry for inconvenience" is not very welcome when you have stayed up with people in order to use the Mode that WG says is ready to be used. Unprofessional at best.
  12. LargerNeptune3

    Clan Brawls

    We got it working - play Narai then you can switch to Clan Brawls and get 9 in the Div ... ridiculous ... but thanks to @Korrupt_Penguin for the suggestion - it worked 🙂
  13. LargerNeptune3

    Clan Brawls

    And for those not in the Div is shows 10/9 or other nonsense, though only 8 in the Div ...
  14. LargerNeptune3

    Clan Brawls

    Very frustrating ... we get the people together but we can't play ... come on WG you can do better than this