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  1. LargerNeptune3

    any aussies playing?

    Yup Kym/ @Charlie_26_1 can confirm plenty of Aussies are playing WOWS mate ... check out some of the ANZ clans in the King of the Tasman Discord server (invite: https://discord.gg/AarU4fu) ... one is my own clan, 1AN (Discord invite: https://discord.gg/5d2k2W2) 🙂
  2. LargerNeptune3

    Bex Spiteful Warspite [shameless humblebrag]

    Nice game @S4pp3R
  3. LargerNeptune3

    Commonwealth Tech Tree [Proposed]

    That a lot of effort thanks @S4pper - would creeping smoke like the Perth has work as a unique flavour/consumable?
  4. LargerNeptune3

    Suggestion: Clan Battle Scheduling

    I like the idea of letting teams participate in any CB session that they can attend; up to a maximum number per "game week". Three might be a little too low - quite a few clans play the current maximum of four CB session per weekand that would be a step backwards for those clans. I actually like the idea of increasing the number to five. The issue that is always raised to this type of suggestion - ensuring sufficient numbers for matchmaking - has never made sense to me; and with cross-server matchmaking now implemented it makes even less sense now
  5. LargerNeptune3

    cross server clan battles bugs

    We organised to play CB on NA prime time this morning (my time) ... The ingame client showed the wrong times for me. The session started an hour later than my game client told me, and there was another hour to the session after my game client told me the session had ended. Because my client said the session had ended, I could not launch our division into battle. When I appointed a clanmate (whose client said there was an hour to go for the session), he was able to launch the division with me in it. Ironically, the clan we were first matched with in that hour, was HMAS from this server - ingame chat they told us they had the exact same problem that I had had, and they also solved it by appointing someone else as division commander The actual games were great, no ping issues, no lag problems - all games played like any other game on the SEA server - except that there were a few games were some players games crashed, and that seemed to be more than a usual CB game. And it was fun to play against clans from NA, EU and even from our own Asia server (who had like us opted for NA prime time) But the bug with local time zones is VERY annoying - several of us were very badly inconvenienced by it Wargaming, you know exactly where we are, and you know what the time zone differences are - including any applicable daylight savings in all time zones - there have been free online resources for this kind of thing available for many years. To have this problem happen still, after some days of this test, and after the problems with the first cross-server matchmaking test, shows a regretable lack of planning and/or testing in this second round of cross-server matchmaker testing. All the people who were affected by this bug deserve a heartfelt apology from the devs who approved this for release to us for testing.
  6. LargerNeptune3

    Match Maker

    Know what you mean @Admiral_Sakene - if they did implement this, a little while ago, then it needs to be tweaked cos I feel the same as you
  7. LargerNeptune3

    Match Maker

    Just saw this link to the devs talking about how they have implemented kinda similar to your counter idea only not as good imo ie they say if u are top tier several games then u r guaranteed of not being top tier ... Also the economy changes in 0.8.1 seem intended to comepnsate for being lower tier, though they don't really solve the problem imo: The amount of credits earned for destroying higher-tier ships has been increased. For example, a Tier VI ship will receive more credits and XP for the destruction of Tier VII and VIII ships. As a result, those who participate in higher-tier battles can potentially receive greater rewards for their efforts. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/update-081-british-squadrons/#economy
  8. LargerNeptune3

    Match Maker

    It would definitely would make MM better from my point of view, if these changes were implemented by WG The regular disparity that Tier 8s suffer in coming up against Tier 10s make that Tier less fun to play than they used to be, for me The solutions @Admiral_Sakene has suggested make sense, and would alleviate this problem. They also don't seem particularly hard or costly to implement. Like @Taipan17, I encourage you all to listen to the video. I founf it to be sensible, thoughtful, and clearly made by someone who wants the game to be better than it is now, and knows a lot about the game
  9. LargerNeptune3

    King of the Tasman Tournament

    Thanks @Bex_o7 and @iCaptain_Nemo for getting this ball rolling - looking forward to practice this weekend 🙂
  10. LargerNeptune3

    Clan battle start?

    We can't start either :(
  11. LargerNeptune3

    WoWS Update 0.7.6

    It sounds nice, but you are incorrect when you say Prime Time will "no longer be an issue". I guess that you are in the UTC+8 zones, not UTC+10 or later like me and my clan mates? That would explain why you haven't thought about it in depth. Superficially, the cross-server sounds like a good solution. But, if you think about it in detail, a cross-server MM will help a little bit, MAYBE, but at best not so much. At best, we may get one more session each week, but likely not more; because the Prime Time for other servers is not particularly good for our time zones. They are in other parts of the planet, after all. How convenient is it for players in the Phillipines, if they can only play Clan Battles at the same time as players in North America? Not very. And it's not so great in the Australia or New Zealand time zones either. But to be positive, anything additional is better than the zero response from WG so far - and one extra session per week would mean we get to play CB two days in one week, rather than jsut once per week as we now have (due to the horrible Prime Time). That would be good BUT even if we get twice per week, that doesn't change the Prime Times. We are still being required by WG to play at inconvenient times for us, thanks to WG imposing Prime Times which don't suit players in these time zones. If we had a starting time of 8.30pm local time, as the players in the Phillipines receive from WG, then we would be very very happy. That would mean Prime Time is "no longer an issue" as you said. But instead, we are getting ONE extra day, MAYBE, and the times are still inconvenient, not anything newar as conveneient as 830pm local time. What we REALLY want is a Prime TIme which is convenient FOR US not for Wargaming (we are the customers here). We want a Prime Time which is just as convenient for us as the current Prime Time is convenient for people living in UTC+8, such as the Phillipines. Now I don't expect that to happen, due to market size differences. But that would actually be delivering what the players in this area have been asking to get. And that would remove the problem. As you can see if you look at the details, the cross-server solution is FAR from giving us what we want, it is a long long way from that indeed. And it certainly will NOT mean that the Prime Time is "no longer an issue" And what is more, we have only vague rumours and some marketing fluff from WG to say that the cross-server MM will actually happen. And we have NO reliable time frame, not even an indication of which update on the roadmap will include this feature. I would be surprised if it's in the the update for CB4, looking at WG's priorities and track record with developing this game over three or more years, that just seems wildly optimistic to me. But it's nice that you tried to make us feel better, thanks :)
  12. LargerNeptune3

    CB times for AUS and NZ

    I still play for 1AN on the SEA server, which is why I bother posting in this forum at all. But, when I told my clan mates I had started an NA account, quite a few did the same. We now have more than a few in our NA server clan [1AN], and we could easily fill it if we went recruiting on the NA server. In due course, if WG does nothing to respond to our unhappiness about this, I would not be surprised if we will all eventually either migrate to the NA server, or leave the game entirely, for another game which DOES allow us to play together as a clan more often than we are allowed by the Prime Time in WoWs
  13. LargerNeptune3

    WoWS Update 0.7.6

    Here are my comments so far: 1.American light cruisers - I have really enjoyed the new Cleveland since it was released as a Tier 8, and looking forward to the 9 and 10 2. Aresenal - the Arsenal is a bit confusing. But it seems that the way you earn steel means the ships that I want to get will still effectively be reward ships, so not much change there, more of a way to streamline purchases of items from the premium shop. No major feedback. 3 Cherry Blossom Operation - I have enjoyed the new Operation. I have found that all the Operations get stale after getting 5 stars a few times, but I enjoy them a lot when they first come out, and Cherry Blossom is no exception, it is good fun, well done to the team 4. Clan battle - my clan and many others in this region are still unhappy with the Prime Time that has been chosen. We want the chance to play more clan battles, because we think this is the mode that is best in WoWs. The chance to play in a team who are all talking with each other, and have agreed strategies, is the reason most of us play the game. We can't get this experience in any other mode in the game. Apart from this problem with the Prime Time, we are happy when we get to play clan battles (this includes the rewards offered for clan battles - we play for the enjoyment of competitive matches not for the rewards, so we are happy with any reasonable rewards WG offers). We all think Clan Battles is MUCH more fun than any other mode in the game, that is sure. And that is why we are so unhappy with the Prime Time that WG keeps on choosing. It means we are are not being allowed the same chance to play clan battles as other players, in other time zones, get to have. But most importantly, it means we don't get to play the game the way we want to play it - after a certain amount of time, Randoms and Ops and Co-op and Ranked become stale, and most players would say they want to be able to play in a Fleet by the time they get Tier X ships, and they won't stay with the game if they can't do that. All the players in my clan think like this. So if WG isn't going to change the Prime Time, then maybe we could have divisions that are larger than three players ... or something that lets us play together as teams 5. Unique upgrades - generally I like these, though will probably use only a few of them for my own ships - the Shimakaze, Gearing and Hindenburg look like they will be interesting to try - but it is a good way to give new life to existing Tier X ships, and allow players to tailor their ship to suit their own playstyle
  14. As an aside, I'd like to point out that we are not just talking about Australian clans, there are other countries in the affected time zones, including New Zealand which suffers even worse due to the Prime Time problem. But I understand what you mean, about low pool numbers leading to bad clan battle experiences. You may be right, WG may never fix this. But I can tell WG that will lead to them losing out in this market entirely,. My clan and quite a few others have already lost quite a few players to other games - because they wanted to play clan battles but the Prime Time doewsn't let them play clan battles in WoWs, while other games do let this happen. And I can tell WG that we stand to lose more players if this isn't fixed up. If WG want players in this time zone to stop playing WoWs, they should do what you said, and never fix this. But this market is not lost yet for WG. They have a chance to do something to reverse the flow of players out of the game. And the affected clans, as mentioned by many including @keskparane @S4pp3R and me above, still have some hope that we can get to play more clan battles than we can do now...in an earlier thread in these forums @Spotter told us that WG intend to deal with the issue of low number of teams in the MM pool, by including clans from other servers in the same MM pool. Now a cross-server MM pool would not do very much to help, due to the Prime Time being so restrictive on all servers, but it would be at least something to help us for one day a week. And that would be more than the zero response that we have had so far from WG. @HuginnKR do you know anything reliable about this cross-server MM change? I know that all clans in the affected time zones are keen to have some idea when this might happen, even if its just a note on the product dev roadmap at the moment, with no release date, we'd like to know if it will be eg 0.7.10 or 0.8.3 or 0.38.72, or whatever info we can get from a reliable source. The frustration and unhappiness about being effectively excluded from full participation in Clan Battles is not going away at all, and the half hour change hasn't done anything to help with this (last season, due to daylight saving time changes, we started at 10pm towards the end of CB2, so starting at 10.30pm is actually worse for us). Thanks for whatever you can share!
  15. LargerNeptune3

    CB times for AUS and NZ

    I can attest to this. I was so annoyed at WG Asia about the way they set the Prime Time for WoWs last season, that I uninstalled WoWP and WoT, and started playing another game (whose name rhymes with "Floor Chunder"). When I felt the need to play ships, I went to the NA server, and started a new account. I stopped paying WG Asia for anything, like others here, due to my annoyance at being excluded from playing clan battles at the same times that we could play Team Battles. While I have ground my way to more Tier X ships on the SEA server, I do have Tier X ships on NA and the ping and FPS don't make any difference to me at all, so I have true choice about which WG business to support - NA or SEA. And it is true I am more and more tempted to simply uninstall and support another game developer entirely. This would change if WG released definite plans to change the Prime Time, and allow more participation in clan battles for all clans in the affected time zones, at least sometime while my children are still alive.