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  1. LargerNeptune3

    Clan battle start?

    We can't start either :(
  2. LargerNeptune3

    WoWS Update 0.7.6

    It sounds nice, but you are incorrect when you say Prime Time will "no longer be an issue". I guess that you are in the UTC+8 zones, not UTC+10 or later like me and my clan mates? That would explain why you haven't thought about it in depth. Superficially, the cross-server sounds like a good solution. But, if you think about it in detail, a cross-server MM will help a little bit, MAYBE, but at best not so much. At best, we may get one more session each week, but likely not more; because the Prime Time for other servers is not particularly good for our time zones. They are in other parts of the planet, after all. How convenient is it for players in the Phillipines, if they can only play Clan Battles at the same time as players in North America? Not very. And it's not so great in the Australia or New Zealand time zones either. But to be positive, anything additional is better than the zero response from WG so far - and one extra session per week would mean we get to play CB two days in one week, rather than jsut once per week as we now have (due to the horrible Prime Time). That would be good BUT even if we get twice per week, that doesn't change the Prime Times. We are still being required by WG to play at inconvenient times for us, thanks to WG imposing Prime Times which don't suit players in these time zones. If we had a starting time of 8.30pm local time, as the players in the Phillipines receive from WG, then we would be very very happy. That would mean Prime Time is "no longer an issue" as you said. But instead, we are getting ONE extra day, MAYBE, and the times are still inconvenient, not anything newar as conveneient as 830pm local time. What we REALLY want is a Prime TIme which is convenient FOR US not for Wargaming (we are the customers here). We want a Prime Time which is just as convenient for us as the current Prime Time is convenient for people living in UTC+8, such as the Phillipines. Now I don't expect that to happen, due to market size differences. But that would actually be delivering what the players in this area have been asking to get. And that would remove the problem. As you can see if you look at the details, the cross-server solution is FAR from giving us what we want, it is a long long way from that indeed. And it certainly will NOT mean that the Prime Time is "no longer an issue" And what is more, we have only vague rumours and some marketing fluff from WG to say that the cross-server MM will actually happen. And we have NO reliable time frame, not even an indication of which update on the roadmap will include this feature. I would be surprised if it's in the the update for CB4, looking at WG's priorities and track record with developing this game over three or more years, that just seems wildly optimistic to me. But it's nice that you tried to make us feel better, thanks :)
  3. LargerNeptune3

    CB times for AUS and NZ

    I still play for 1AN on the SEA server, which is why I bother posting in this forum at all. But, when I told my clan mates I had started an NA account, quite a few did the same. We now have more than a few in our NA server clan [1AN], and we could easily fill it if we went recruiting on the NA server. In due course, if WG does nothing to respond to our unhappiness about this, I would not be surprised if we will all eventually either migrate to the NA server, or leave the game entirely, for another game which DOES allow us to play together as a clan more often than we are allowed by the Prime Time in WoWs
  4. LargerNeptune3

    WoWS Update 0.7.6

    Here are my comments so far: 1.American light cruisers - I have really enjoyed the new Cleveland since it was released as a Tier 8, and looking forward to the 9 and 10 2. Aresenal - the Arsenal is a bit confusing. But it seems that the way you earn steel means the ships that I want to get will still effectively be reward ships, so not much change there, more of a way to streamline purchases of items from the premium shop. No major feedback. 3 Cherry Blossom Operation - I have enjoyed the new Operation. I have found that all the Operations get stale after getting 5 stars a few times, but I enjoy them a lot when they first come out, and Cherry Blossom is no exception, it is good fun, well done to the team 4. Clan battle - my clan and many others in this region are still unhappy with the Prime Time that has been chosen. We want the chance to play more clan battles, because we think this is the mode that is best in WoWs. The chance to play in a team who are all talking with each other, and have agreed strategies, is the reason most of us play the game. We can't get this experience in any other mode in the game. Apart from this problem with the Prime Time, we are happy when we get to play clan battles (this includes the rewards offered for clan battles - we play for the enjoyment of competitive matches not for the rewards, so we are happy with any reasonable rewards WG offers). We all think Clan Battles is MUCH more fun than any other mode in the game, that is sure. And that is why we are so unhappy with the Prime Time that WG keeps on choosing. It means we are are not being allowed the same chance to play clan battles as other players, in other time zones, get to have. But most importantly, it means we don't get to play the game the way we want to play it - after a certain amount of time, Randoms and Ops and Co-op and Ranked become stale, and most players would say they want to be able to play in a Fleet by the time they get Tier X ships, and they won't stay with the game if they can't do that. All the players in my clan think like this. So if WG isn't going to change the Prime Time, then maybe we could have divisions that are larger than three players ... or something that lets us play together as teams 5. Unique upgrades - generally I like these, though will probably use only a few of them for my own ships - the Shimakaze, Gearing and Hindenburg look like they will be interesting to try - but it is a good way to give new life to existing Tier X ships, and allow players to tailor their ship to suit their own playstyle
  5. As an aside, I'd like to point out that we are not just talking about Australian clans, there are other countries in the affected time zones, including New Zealand which suffers even worse due to the Prime Time problem. But I understand what you mean, about low pool numbers leading to bad clan battle experiences. You may be right, WG may never fix this. But I can tell WG that will lead to them losing out in this market entirely,. My clan and quite a few others have already lost quite a few players to other games - because they wanted to play clan battles but the Prime Time doewsn't let them play clan battles in WoWs, while other games do let this happen. And I can tell WG that we stand to lose more players if this isn't fixed up. If WG want players in this time zone to stop playing WoWs, they should do what you said, and never fix this. But this market is not lost yet for WG. They have a chance to do something to reverse the flow of players out of the game. And the affected clans, as mentioned by many including @keskparane @S4pp3R and me above, still have some hope that we can get to play more clan battles than we can do now...in an earlier thread in these forums @Spotter told us that WG intend to deal with the issue of low number of teams in the MM pool, by including clans from other servers in the same MM pool. Now a cross-server MM pool would not do very much to help, due to the Prime Time being so restrictive on all servers, but it would be at least something to help us for one day a week. And that would be more than the zero response that we have had so far from WG. @HuginnKR do you know anything reliable about this cross-server MM change? I know that all clans in the affected time zones are keen to have some idea when this might happen, even if its just a note on the product dev roadmap at the moment, with no release date, we'd like to know if it will be eg 0.7.10 or 0.8.3 or 0.38.72, or whatever info we can get from a reliable source. The frustration and unhappiness about being effectively excluded from full participation in Clan Battles is not going away at all, and the half hour change hasn't done anything to help with this (last season, due to daylight saving time changes, we started at 10pm towards the end of CB2, so starting at 10.30pm is actually worse for us). Thanks for whatever you can share!
  6. LargerNeptune3

    CB times for AUS and NZ

    I can attest to this. I was so annoyed at WG Asia about the way they set the Prime Time for WoWs last season, that I uninstalled WoWP and WoT, and started playing another game (whose name rhymes with "Floor Chunder"). When I felt the need to play ships, I went to the NA server, and started a new account. I stopped paying WG Asia for anything, like others here, due to my annoyance at being excluded from playing clan battles at the same times that we could play Team Battles. While I have ground my way to more Tier X ships on the SEA server, I do have Tier X ships on NA and the ping and FPS don't make any difference to me at all, so I have true choice about which WG business to support - NA or SEA. And it is true I am more and more tempted to simply uninstall and support another game developer entirely. This would change if WG released definite plans to change the Prime Time, and allow more participation in clan battles for all clans in the affected time zones, at least sometime while my children are still alive.
  7. This thread has raised two issues for me - rewarding players for being successful in clan battles, and the Prime Time imposed by WG for clan battles. Disclosure: I am from a clan which finds it hard to organise clan battles due to the Prime Time being logistically bad for most of our players, similar to @keskparane's situation. Some of our players have children and can't play too late due to noise issues; some live alone, so noise isn't their issue - but the time is a problem for the ones who have to start work early in the morning (which is most workers, let's face it); and some just have other things to do at midnight or 1am during the working week. We generally manage to play on Saturday nights, but never on Wed, Thu or Sun nights. So we play about 10 CB sessions per 10 week season. And you know what? We love clan battles. CB is a fantastic game mode compared to any other mode in WoWs, including Ranked and the old Team Battles. We would like to do more, if possible, but with the current Prime Time it just isn't possible. We don't begrudge rewards provided to clans who put in the time and effort needed to win lots of clan battles. Far from it! We aspire to be one of those clans who work together well to execute strats and counter the enemy. But we are amateur gamers, not professionals. We don't mind if we get super rewards for participating in CB, or not. We like the mode and want to play it, because it offers the only chance in WoWs to play with an entire team working together to execute a shared strategy. And that opportuinity is what attracts a good majority of our clan members - the chance to play together as a team. We even enjoy losing battles, and in fact have improved a lot due to our shared analysis of losses. That process was fun too. Because we look at this as a game, for fun, amusement, entertainment, socialising and recreation, and not as some real life competitive activity which means anything important to anybody, the whole CB experience has been great from my clan's point of view. That includies the rewards offered to the top clan players, which none of my clan has ever been able to win. Sure, the Black is OP as heck, and it sucks that players who are decent enough and persevering enough to get to Rank 1 enough times get a ship that is OP. But we are used to the Blacks and Flints and we will get used to the Stalingrads too. Good on the people who get those reward ships, I say, they deserve what they get (including focus fire from me and my division mates whenever we find one lol) Yes, we love clan battles, with one important exception. As some of you will already know, we feel disgruntled because the Prime Time means we are unable to field teams as often as clans whose players are in other time zones, and this means we have less chance to win the rewards that are offered to successful clans. We might not win the rewards, because many clans are superior in terms of stats. But we will never know, because we are denied the chance to find out. We are denied the chance to win those rewards. But more important in some ways, we are also denied the chance to lose, and learn from our losses, which we would get if we were able to play more. As I said, we have learned a lot from losses, and enjoyed analysing losses together. So it's not about winning or losing. It's about having a chance to participate whch is at the root of our unhappiness However, while we are disgruntled, which is an emotional reaction that we are sharing with WG through threads like this one, I think pretty much everyone involved in the game - and certainly in my clan - also understands that the game needs to be economically viable in order to work, and that decisions about where to place scare company resources must be made by WG from time to time, and that those decisions will probably take into account the needs and wants of players in my time zone less than the needs and wants of players in time zones which generate more economic benefit to WG than my time zone generates. That doesn't mean we like the Prime Time. We don't. It needs to change if WG wants us to like it.
  8. LargerNeptune3

    [ALL] ModStation (beta)

    Hi, I just installed your modstation, and like the UI - thanks for sharing :) I am wondering if you could help me with a couple of questions from me and a friend: 1. is there a mod included which indicates the movement of targeted ships, eg a green dot for forward, a red dot for backwards and a yellow dot for stationary? 2. will the mods be updated as the game client is updated? Thanks for the answers, and again, I'm enjoying the modstaion, it's much more user-friendly than Aslain's for example
  9. LargerNeptune3

    What happens to in-game karma gained?

    Don't know, but if I had to guess I would say it's basically irrelevant to anything except your karma rating
  10. LargerNeptune3

    Why are AFK players still not punished?

    Not sure, but I think the karma system will put a hold on a player's account if the karma gets too low - if that's right, then reporting the AFK players will have some effect
  11. LargerNeptune3

    The state of this game

    Random firing into smoke is not recommended, I agree it is not useful. BUT by carefully watching the smoke in zoom view, you can determine if the ship whihc is firing from inside smoke is moving, and if it IS moving, you can also figure out which direction the ship is moving. Use that intel to fire into the smoke - it is a VERY successful strategy and will at least stop the Belfast from firing at you, because we Belfast captains know that you have located us, so we have to stop firing or we will get deleted by blind fire. And yes as @SlamUez has pointed out, you can get some pretty hardcore damage by firing into smoke. You can be in almost anything - don't need a Nagato can have any decent cruiser and even a DD if it's well hidden from retaliatory fire. But even if you miss the blind shot, you will get closer than merely randomly spamming the smoke with guns. And getting a shot close to the ship in smoke has a good chance of scaring them into not firing for a bit. However this won't be often a useful strategy if you're in a DD, because you will be fired on by the enemy and prob deleted. In that situation, use the intel about ship location in smoke to send torps - this has a very high chance of hitting and/or forcing any cruiser out of smoke. Also, if you are in a DD and not detected as you approach the smoke, remember the Belfast will become visible to you after it fires its guns - provided you are within 5.5km - and that will then allow your friendlies to punish the Belfast who is sitting still, or maybe moving very slowly - and this is all without you firing and being detected yourself
  12. LargerNeptune3

    Battle of North Cape Mission 5 Task 3 not crediting XP

    Happy to report the reply to my Ticket now says that the Campaigns will be extended by a couple of days and some people will get some camo if they completed the broken task. Well done Wargaming
  13. LargerNeptune3

    Battle of North Cape Mission 5 Task 3 not crediting XP

    Update: so now my permissions have been modified to allow me to view My Tickets. Thanks to whoever fixed that. Thought you might be interested to see what I received. Nice language, and I make no slur at all on the individual who was tasked to reply to my ticket. I'll paste the reply below. My issue is that the content seems to be a request for patience and understanding. This is the only response that I see from Wargaming nowadays, when people like me complain about problems or errors caused by Wargaming. Any consumer will only go so long being asked for patience and understanding, over and over again ... it is not rocket science. And that's why I say that Wargaming need to work VERY VERY hard on their customer communications. Oh, you won't be surprised that I am persevering with this Ticket ... will see what happens Greetings LargerNeptune3, Thank your for contacting Wargaming support and we appreciate your continued support to our World of Warships game. I totally understand where you're coming from and as an old school gamer confusions regarding in-game tasks and rewards? Totally not cool in my opinion. However for cases like this at the moment we don't have any updates yet if there will be compensation in connection with the in-game mission mishap. I recommend keeping an eye to our official website for further updates: North Cape Hope this clarifies everything and if you have any further inquiries aside from this please do visit our official website: FAQ Page Best Regards, <name redacted - the individual who was tasked to reply to this ticket is not the issue> Wargaming Asia Support You can always check your ticket status by logging into our Support Portal: https://asia.wargaming.net/support/ Please don't forget to fill out our survey once your ticket has been completed.
  14. LargerNeptune3

    Battle of North Cape Mission 5 Task 3 not crediting XP

    I'm sure it's totally unrelated, but I am having trouble accessing My Tickets in the Support section of the WOWS site. I can't lodge a ticket about it, because I can't access the Support section. So I will ask someone to tell someone - maybe @Spotter would be able to do that. In an unhappy coincidence, this happened to me this evening, shortly after I asked for a reply to my ticket requesting compensation for this error. I asked for compensation in the form of the Task. Because, assuming that the error would be fixed and that people who ran the Task would be credited for XP won, I did the Task though it was not showing the XP I was getting. So now I am being told to do the same task, for no good reason. The initial reply didn't address my request at all, it was clearly a generic copy/paste reply, understanding my frustration and thanking me for my patience. But not addressing my initial ticket at all. So I asked for a specific reply to my specific question. As I say, I'm sure it's entirely unrelated, but then I became unable to access the Support section. So I will ask "anyone else having similar problems?" Here is what I got: Access denied. Insufficient permissions to view this page.
  15. LargerNeptune3

    Battle of North Cape Mission 5 Task 3 not crediting XP

    So Wargaming made a mistake. They then told everyone they made a mistake. They then say "sorry we made a mistake". They then ignore the people who've suffered, and pretend that people aren't complaining. It's a pattern I am noticing with Wargaming. I wonder why Spotter's post had commenting disabled ... no, I don't, it's clear that the post can't be commented on, because WG knew what that post would elicit from the people who read it - disappointment, disdain, annoyance, frustration, and other not pleasant emotional reactions. From people who are being poorly treated. by Wargaming. Fair enough, Spotter is just the messenger, so leave him alone. But the message he was tasked to deliver - that was just crap. Wargaming need to improve their quality control - FFS this particular error seems likely to be nothing more than a REALLY simple typographical error that ought to have shown up in basic testing, and they missed it . But that's not the big problem. We all understand errors can happen. The bigger problem is Wargaming now need to work VERY VERY hard on their customer communications. Through Spotter, WG just told us, in effect: "sorry you guys who lost out, but that's just bad luck because you relied on us, we made a mistake and we are not going to actually do anything at acknowledge your loss or reliance on us. Have a nice day. Or not. We don't care one way or the other." How long will it be before we will be feeling similarly ignored and unvalued, about some other error WG have made? Not taking bets - this latest trashy response to their own mistakes makes me see Wargaming heading in a direction which has been travelled by other game developers. Ones who don't exist anymore.