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  1. [ALL] ModStation (beta)

    Hi, I just installed your modstation, and like the UI - thanks for sharing :) I am wondering if you could help me with a couple of questions from me and a friend: 1. is there a mod included which indicates the movement of targeted ships, eg a green dot for forward, a red dot for backwards and a yellow dot for stationary? 2. will the mods be updated as the game client is updated? Thanks for the answers, and again, I'm enjoying the modstaion, it's much more user-friendly than Aslain's for example
  2. What happens to in-game karma gained?

    Don't know, but if I had to guess I would say it's basically irrelevant to anything except your karma rating
  3. Why are AFK players still not punished?

    Not sure, but I think the karma system will put a hold on a player's account if the karma gets too low - if that's right, then reporting the AFK players will have some effect
  4. The state of this game

    Random firing into smoke is not recommended, I agree it is not useful. BUT by carefully watching the smoke in zoom view, you can determine if the ship whihc is firing from inside smoke is moving, and if it IS moving, you can also figure out which direction the ship is moving. Use that intel to fire into the smoke - it is a VERY successful strategy and will at least stop the Belfast from firing at you, because we Belfast captains know that you have located us, so we have to stop firing or we will get deleted by blind fire. And yes as @SlamUez has pointed out, you can get some pretty hardcore damage by firing into smoke. You can be in almost anything - don't need a Nagato can have any decent cruiser and even a DD if it's well hidden from retaliatory fire. But even if you miss the blind shot, you will get closer than merely randomly spamming the smoke with guns. And getting a shot close to the ship in smoke has a good chance of scaring them into not firing for a bit. However this won't be often a useful strategy if you're in a DD, because you will be fired on by the enemy and prob deleted. In that situation, use the intel about ship location in smoke to send torps - this has a very high chance of hitting and/or forcing any cruiser out of smoke. Also, if you are in a DD and not detected as you approach the smoke, remember the Belfast will become visible to you after it fires its guns - provided you are within 5.5km - and that will then allow your friendlies to punish the Belfast who is sitting still, or maybe moving very slowly - and this is all without you firing and being detected yourself
  5. Happy to report the reply to my Ticket now says that the Campaigns will be extended by a couple of days and some people will get some camo if they completed the broken task. Well done Wargaming
  6. Update: so now my permissions have been modified to allow me to view My Tickets. Thanks to whoever fixed that. Thought you might be interested to see what I received. Nice language, and I make no slur at all on the individual who was tasked to reply to my ticket. I'll paste the reply below. My issue is that the content seems to be a request for patience and understanding. This is the only response that I see from Wargaming nowadays, when people like me complain about problems or errors caused by Wargaming. Any consumer will only go so long being asked for patience and understanding, over and over again ... it is not rocket science. And that's why I say that Wargaming need to work VERY VERY hard on their customer communications. Oh, you won't be surprised that I am persevering with this Ticket ... will see what happens Greetings LargerNeptune3, Thank your for contacting Wargaming support and we appreciate your continued support to our World of Warships game. I totally understand where you're coming from and as an old school gamer confusions regarding in-game tasks and rewards? Totally not cool in my opinion. However for cases like this at the moment we don't have any updates yet if there will be compensation in connection with the in-game mission mishap. I recommend keeping an eye to our official website for further updates: North Cape Hope this clarifies everything and if you have any further inquiries aside from this please do visit our official website: FAQ Page Best Regards, <name redacted - the individual who was tasked to reply to this ticket is not the issue> Wargaming Asia Support You can always check your ticket status by logging into our Support Portal: https://asia.wargaming.net/support/ Please don't forget to fill out our survey once your ticket has been completed.
  7. I'm sure it's totally unrelated, but I am having trouble accessing My Tickets in the Support section of the WOWS site. I can't lodge a ticket about it, because I can't access the Support section. So I will ask someone to tell someone - maybe @Spotter would be able to do that. In an unhappy coincidence, this happened to me this evening, shortly after I asked for a reply to my ticket requesting compensation for this error. I asked for compensation in the form of the Task. Because, assuming that the error would be fixed and that people who ran the Task would be credited for XP won, I did the Task though it was not showing the XP I was getting. So now I am being told to do the same task, for no good reason. The initial reply didn't address my request at all, it was clearly a generic copy/paste reply, understanding my frustration and thanking me for my patience. But not addressing my initial ticket at all. So I asked for a specific reply to my specific question. As I say, I'm sure it's entirely unrelated, but then I became unable to access the Support section. So I will ask "anyone else having similar problems?" Here is what I got: Access denied. Insufficient permissions to view this page.
  8. So Wargaming made a mistake. They then told everyone they made a mistake. They then say "sorry we made a mistake". They then ignore the people who've suffered, and pretend that people aren't complaining. It's a pattern I am noticing with Wargaming. I wonder why Spotter's post had commenting disabled ... no, I don't, it's clear that the post can't be commented on, because WG knew what that post would elicit from the people who read it - disappointment, disdain, annoyance, frustration, and other not pleasant emotional reactions. From people who are being poorly treated. by Wargaming. Fair enough, Spotter is just the messenger, so leave him alone. But the message he was tasked to deliver - that was just crap. Wargaming need to improve their quality control - FFS this particular error seems likely to be nothing more than a REALLY simple typographical error that ought to have shown up in basic testing, and they missed it . But that's not the big problem. We all understand errors can happen. The bigger problem is Wargaming now need to work VERY VERY hard on their customer communications. Through Spotter, WG just told us, in effect: "sorry you guys who lost out, but that's just bad luck because you relied on us, we made a mistake and we are not going to actually do anything at acknowledge your loss or reliance on us. Have a nice day. Or not. We don't care one way or the other." How long will it be before we will be feeling similarly ignored and unvalued, about some other error WG have made? Not taking bets - this latest trashy response to their own mistakes makes me see Wargaming heading in a direction which has been travelled by other game developers. Ones who don't exist anymore.
  9. Yes I suggested just award the stars for the Task as one compensation possible ... seems not unreasonable
  10. I only noticed an error with Task 4. Are other tasks also in error? Task 2 is working for me. Why correct/lower all tasks, if only one task is affected? That seems unfair to those who completed the harder setting for the Tasks ... Only the affected Task should be changed, if that's how you want to do it. Best would be to just examine the database, and award the XP to those who ran the Task and didn't get credited, then allow some extra time - the same time it took to fix the error would be fair - to get the two campaigns done.
  11. The time limit on the NY campaign is quite tight already ... this error will make things a bit harder to do ... extension of the time limit and re-run stats to credit those who didn't get credited. If the last can't be done, just give the stars
  12. yeh same here - and my clan mates had the same issue - thanks Spotter for the update
  13. You are right, and I get that it's a marginal gain you are talking about. But what I am saying is that the margin is so small it's not material. Also, remember, the 1AR clan is a social and community activity, and we talk a lot of shit in our TeamSpeak server whenever we are online together - just like the other clans have mentioned, we talk about everything in Life, not just focussing on how to win WoWS. That's what makes the Clan more fun than Random or Ranked or even Team (I wasn't in 1AN when Teams were going, so I had to form my own teams from people I met ingame - we had fun, but not as much as in CB). The new people you mention would be missing out on the most important part of being in 1AR/1AN - the community
  14. Now I am really curious lol ... no of course, please do maintain your trade secrets But you can see how this issue is ruining the fun of the game - even here, when you're trying to be helpful, as I understand ... yet the only useful thing I want to know that you CAN actually tell me from your own knowledge, well just you won't tell me, because <reasons> ... It's funny now, this whole CB debacle has gotten past annoying, frustrating, angering ... now I just laugh, and kind of sadly look forward to the start of season 2, when I will most likely uninstall the game as nothing will have been done or said by Wargaming, and there will be no prospect of anything ever being done to address the problem.
  15. People, let's not let this thread devolve into language related discussion. To me, that's nothing more than a red herring, which can't help find a solution to the problem of the CB time restrictions. It is quite simply beyond doubt that there are many players from non-English speaking countries who can speak English very well. And it's also clear that many (probably most) clans require their members to communicate in a common language - including English. Indeed as you mentioned before there are SEA clans with players from diverse language backgrounds, not native English speakers, who nevertheless choose to use English as their common language. The same applies to European clans, with members from different language backgrounds. It's not rocket science to me. Let's leave languages out of this, please. Dude, it's not a secret - read my earlier posts - 1AN was formed by 1AR (www.clan1ar.com). This is a clan formed more than a few years ago by guys from the 1AR regiment in the Aus army, to play WoT and AW style games, hence the clan name. But over the years 1AR has grown and grown and now it includes people like me (not army at all). That's the origin of the Aussie connection, and the name behind the 1AN initials is just to match the 1AR which we use in WoT etc. But the 1AN clan in WoWS, and indeed the wider 1AR clan, are definitely not limited to Aussies and we have many non-Aussies. As I've said. With your 'inelegant' solution, we could be joined by 9 new people, who are not in the affected time zones. They will get to play CB as 1AN players. But almost 100% sure none of the current 1AN players would be playing with them, due to the time problems that we are trying to get fixed. Not really any solution for us. So, are you suggesting that we change our clan name, so we can then attract some new players from other time zones, so they can then play together but without our existing players (who can't play due to the unreasonable times)? I am sorry if I am missing something, but if that's the suggestion, it's not going to be much help I am afraid. But the distinction you make between clans and players is a good one. I am posting here as a member of my clan, since I am currently the most active and motivated of our WoWS players. I am doing it for all my clan mates as well as myself. Because we want to play together. That is what we want to do. We are trying to do that, not trying to play by ourselves without our clan mates. Yes, individuals can compromise and join another clan, with more people playing CB. But we just don't have individuals who can play at those times ... the ones we do have are playing on Saturday. Btw, I don't think Wargaming is capable of holding malice. It is a company, trying to make a business out of a piece of software, and doing what it thinks best for itself, as companies all do. However, I do think Wargaming is a supplier, just like any other software developer who is seeking paying customers (yes it's FTP but we all know that means nothing in this discussion), and I do think that Wargaming have displeased customers in the affected time zones, then completely and utterly ignored those customers' concerns. And I also think Wargaming could build a lot of goodwill if it did something to help, not just ignore the problem and hope it will go away. Simple neglect seems the explanation, as you suggested. It happens. But, when a supplier is neglectful towards their customers, then the customers have a choice to use another supplier. For myself, and many of my clan mates, if the problem doesn't get addressed by Wargaming, well then I can't see any other route except that it is us players who will go away, and we will go away to play another game, which lets us play as clan mates are intended to play - and do in most other games - together, and at reasonable times. Such is life.