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  1. 1. I will just play BBs and nothing else -> Still have to play other lines for missions 2. Kongo is the best ship waifu -> Till Fuso goes Kai Ni, i mean, fully upgraded 3. Yamato is the tankiest ship girl -> She's just a blushing anime girl, too fragile. Must handle with extreme care. 4. BB is the strongest/most powerful ship class -> DDs and CVs laugh in your face 5. The game is historical realistic -> Akizuki 6. Higher tier, more fun -> Everyone is too afraid of dying to the point of being paranoid, the match is just boring with people hiding or staying too far away (although it changed a little bit lately with perma camo) 7. Test server isn't fun and not worth playing -> It actually more fun than the main server. People go in and have fun with little care. Despite there's alot of technical problems now and then. 8. I don't have to worry much about teamwork, it's just another shooting game -> It's more of a tactical shooting game and It's by far the highest teamwork required game i have ever played 9. I can get to the Yamato fast, the difference with premium isn't big -> Took me a year without premium stuff, flags and camo. Took me 2 months to get to the Conqueror with premium 10. RNG just a small mechanic for randomness and fun, SKILL MATTERS! There might be more but this is what i recall/can think of so far.
  2. Public Test Wild Dispersion

    Even Yamato seems a little off to me although i played with her alot on main server, so yeah.
  3. Improve Blacklist Function

    The amount of people that trash talk is too damn high, even Yuro for example.
  4. Question about US CL split

    No clear official confirmation yet but you get the idea.
  5. The MM Ballad..... THE REAL CULPRIT!!

    Strong division with high level teamwork, well it's a problem that i haven't seen any game actually solved that even in game with big player base like League of Legends. There will be a gap no matter how you look at it.
  6. Improve Blacklist Function

    It's a total different game and there's the player base size.
  7. high caliber is broken

    Seems pretty normal to me
  8. Received the doubloon just now, i guess this is from the first period, dunno if they finished the 2nd one yet ==== 1 Hour later: received the last doubloon.
  9. Botting

    Never encountered once, or maybe that I don't even care.
  10. Crashes? Try this fix

    Try my suggestion then. Hope it works for you.
  11. Got a mail just now, an apology mail for the delay, thought we could get somekind of a compensate but guess not. Also I haven't received the doubloons as well despite got emailed.
  12. Crashes? Try this fix

    My specs: i5-4570, 16GB RAM, GTX 960 2GB w. latest driver 397.31 This is the optimal setting that i was using. One thing to note is that after I delete the preferences.xml I played the game for 3 days without any problem, then I changed back to the above, the game crashed like before. It only occurs in extended game session, not happens right away which is a problem to test it without actual tools and access to the code. So I need to stick with the default settings first for a couple of weeks to be sure before I change again, I can't just rush it and blame it on something. Also the development team is inspecting it as well.
  13. Matchmaking at Tier 6

    Or just skip the entire part and get the Glorious Tier X then make those suffer if you are actually good But yeah, the MM +1/-1 is necessary but with the old player base like this i don't see it gonna happen anytime soon.
  14. Seems you don't get it, i was talking about what you purchased with doubloons...