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  1. ColonelRVH

    Great MM as always

    I thought I already wrote in the title, of course nothing new.
  2. ColonelRVH

    Great MM as always

    Everyone just play long range in the 2nd one. It's hilarious, felt like we are on Ocean map. Got great result from all of them, so yeah i was happy
  3. ColonelRVH

    Great MM as always

    Just done D4 yesterday, now I can relax and maybe drop the game if the next event is sh*t Here are some bs that WG threw at me. Bonus:
  4. ColonelRVH

    Same kind of match 2 days straight

    Actually that's not the point though. The current state of the game is pretty bad. WG gave CV too much power for the match's outcome. And not just that, there are more bots than ever. You can see the 2nd match, that guy is a straight up bot. Rushing right into the central while still using his aircraft. I thought it's a severe misplay but I still had to check and found out this. Seriously, i'm fine seeing bots in other classes but CV. That ruins the game immediately.
  5. ColonelRVH

    Does anyone knows which crosshair is Flamu using?

    He's using the replay crosshair, which is only available in replay.
  6. I used to be frustrated whenever this happen. But now all I feel after those matches are emptiness.
  7. ColonelRVH

    How is your British CA event going?

    So far, completed all 4 directives, only missed 1 2nd daily mission. (5 token) Got 0 Ship. Great.
  8. ColonelRVH

    Plans for 2020

    2020? Plans? PAYTORICO V.2 & 3 WG: We can't leave the dock yard doing nothing there komrade. Expect another one in the next few months!
  9. ColonelRVH

    Smallest Kraken

    Better than leaving them be and possibly heal back for later. There's a lot of the matches where i failed to dev strike leaving the target less than 5.000 and the teammates also failed to secure the kill. It's more frustrating.
  10. ColonelRVH

    PR Build

    nah probably it will stop too Edit: @dejiko_nyo the last stage is a whooping 15.6m points, the gap is damn huge it's ridiculous, he almost have to get near 20m points by that progress. time to consider my option
  11. mostly random for me, if i decide to grind or do missions, then i play in all the free time available, otherwise just stopped after 2nd container.
  12. ColonelRVH

    People you've encountered in-game

    Saw drakon (map neighbours, enemy) and lordtyphoon (mountain range, ally) long ago. Haven't met or recognized anyone ever since I got back recently
  13. ColonelRVH

    Thunderer or Georgia?

    Thanks for the info about S.Kutuzov, I already got Jean Bart but honestly I'm not comfortable playing her, the accuracy just feel weird especially while bow tanking. I kinda regret purchasing her now she's only for coop purpose.
  14. ColonelRVH

    Thunderer or Georgia?

    Do you have any experience in playing them? If you need to choose between Georgia and Thunderer, which one gonna be? Edit: Poll Added.
  15. ColonelRVH

    Thunderer or Georgia?

    I just got back because of the Puerto Rico, stay for the snowflakes and stay longer for the Dock Yard. (Yeah, not for PR but seriously I was consider doing that before I watched all the vids on youtube) After cleaning up dust and saw a good discount in the Armory. Now I can choose any coal ship to play. There's Kutuzov on crack, Thunderer and Georgia. I'm more interested in the latter 2. Since I'm a main BB player and frequently play Yamato/Musashi, Conqueror and Missouri. I wonder which one is better suited for me. So far I know there's trade off all those 2, Georgia lacking alpha potential with only 6 guns, and Thunderer can't really play aggressively also the squishiest T10 BB. Actually Super Kutuzov is still an open option since I don't have a great high tier CA, but I don't think I like the playstyle. I'm working my way to Alaska. (Missed the Black Friday sales, should've bought the Black ship) Opinion and advice are greatly appreciated.