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  1. ColonelRVH

    Waiting for Christmas was bad enough...

    Isn't that just like Specs text in different colors?
  2. ColonelRVH

    Waiting for Christmas was bad enough...

    I already bought her instead, my sanity isn't enough for such stupid grind. When I look at the 4th I think I can barely made it but there's the campaign for the camo as well. They should've made it like the campaign so the players can just have a good time rather than racing against the clock. In any case, the ship is worth it, and the camo looks gorgeous.
  3. ColonelRVH

    Is Jean Bart Over rated ?

    I got a fair experience with her, yes she is slightly overrated. What others said are true. She's a beast in the late game, but that also means she relies too much on teammates in the early. I had a few good games with her and to be honest i'm not comfortable using her with the HE meta still around. You don't tank with her, her outfit is very misleading. You use speed boost and play like a cruiser. Also I haven't got my guns knocked out that much. She looks good, but not recommended. I didn't plan on getting her at first but then I fooled myself that WG giving out free coal everyday with snowflakes so I give it a try
  4. ColonelRVH

    Weekend win rate

    Same old problems How about teaming up? We had a good game when you were in Conqueror.
  5. ColonelRVH

    i will regret this

    I have learned my lesson since Black Friday. Still, "F" pressed
  6. ColonelRVH

    The offers in 7.12 are not impressing many

    That's not your last, you can continue getting the Legendary Modules next year
  7. ColonelRVH

    Nope! Not wasting my holiday doing this.

    If she's like Hood then surely I will love her, good accuracy & versatile
  8. ColonelRVH

    Blowing off Snowflakes

    Of course I missed that part, and I suspect that a lot of people do. And with that I thought that WG was being generous to us, so? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. ColonelRVH

    Nope! Not wasting my holiday doing this.

    Heard she isn't good. But at least she looks nice compares to other tier 6 BBs.
  10. ColonelRVH

    Snowflakes only appear ONCE right?

    me too, typical WG
  11. ColonelRVH

    Blowing off Snowflakes

    I burned 50m credits buying ships yesterday only to realize that Snowflake appears only once the entire event. I should've known that it's too good to be true. Guess WG just being WG, well done WG. Got 1800 Steel and it's useless to me. At least got Jean Bart out of it.
  12. ColonelRVH

    Black Friday Containers

    Actually it's that I can't choose any of them is more accurate than not interested in, still love the black camo and will welcome any of them to the port.
  13. ColonelRVH

    Black Friday Containers

    Bought 12, 0 ships. Never again WG. Love the Black camo, not the Shadow one. But I'm not interested in can't choose any of the 4 ships so I bought containers. Worst Choice. Never again WG.
  14. That's just like another day in the office.
  15. ColonelRVH

    Pin-Up 3 patch CHOOSE 1

    Aviation, best looking one.