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  1. ColonelRVH

    Black Friday Containers

    Actually it's that I can't choose any of them is more accurate than not interested in, still love the black camo and will welcome any of them to the port.
  2. ColonelRVH

    Black Friday Containers

    Bought 12, 0 ships. Never again WG. Love the Black camo, not the Shadow one. But I'm not interested in can't choose any of the 4 ships so I bought containers. Worst Choice. Never again WG.
  3. That's just like another day in the office.
  4. ColonelRVH

    Pin-Up 3 patch CHOOSE 1

    Aviation, best looking one.
  5. ColonelRVH

    Thank WG for deleting my tokens

    RIP Tokens. But yeah WG's fault here, players should have at least 7 days to redeem and it's their responsibility to make a clear statement about it since start, not near the end.
  6. ColonelRVH

    the explanation how most people choose shark

    The Eagle team didn't use this theme That's why they lost
  7. ColonelRVH

    Share your Go Navy Result

    That's roughly 33 matches a day, so hardcore
  8. ColonelRVH

    Share your Go Navy Result

    That's a wrap, still short for 2nd camo as expected. Didn't even realized I made it to the top those 2 times
  9. ColonelRVH

    Attention to details

    I don't see any images, but from other comment i guess it's the premium port with the cam lowered to the ground? Well I prefer Black Sea port, with its epic bgm.
  10. Most people will just play COOP with Tier 1 and new players are also got it on default so I don't see the point doing it, and you can play just 1 Coop match and move on to Tier 2 so?
  11. ColonelRVH

    Salty reports

    Yeah I can confirm that, work late hour, no personal room, also it's very hot to use a headset. Unless you're damn rich. That's why it's very uncomfortable voice chatting although I can speak English fine.
  12. ColonelRVH

    So why is everyone choosing sharks?

    Obviously Shark is the more iconic sea creature than the eagle, and we know what we are playing for, ship, yes, what could be better? But don't worry, they will switch to Eagle soon, including me, unless people are out of their mind to keep sticking with shark for no reason once they hit 75 LP.
  13. Just got the Musashi lately and I'd like to buy the HSF Camo for her. But if possible I'm looking for a discount instead of the full 5000 Doubloons. There was the discount for Researchable Ships, however I don't know if it included the Musashi HSF Camo as well? Since Musashi in a way can be considered researchable. https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/specials-and-events/golden-week-special/ Was there any discount for the camo back then, maybe in premium shop? Also another question, if HSF collab comes to an end then can we still buy the camo? (Not sure if it has ended already)
  14. I used the one with custom directory and it worked fine. However lately I had to reinstall my windows and problems appear. The old WGC just won't work and required to be reinstalled again, which is dumb, totally, the old client never had this kind of trouble. Fine, I will install the new one since I got 3 games which is WOWS, WOWS PT, and WOT. I installed the recently and guess what, It has no option to change directory and went directly to C:\ INSTANT DELETED Installed the old one, but seems that the old one instead of checking for existing content, it replaced the whole game. So I guess the game working with WGC and the old client one are different like with steam? So no, until those are solved, never again.
  15. ColonelRVH

    Premium ship summer sale

    I wonder if Kii worth buying with that price, since I already got Amagi & perm camo. Anyone got Kii here? Heard it's only good if it comes with Makoto Kobayashi camo.