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    the Derfflinger battlecruiser

    I don't think the British Battlecruisers were inferior. Sure they lacked the armour that the Germans put on their BC's, at Jutland, the explanation for the loss of Invincible and the other BC,s was down to the fact of poor cordite handling. They had very bad practices when is came to storage of their explosives. Their motto was "never starve the guns" which in turn led to the mishandling of the cordite. When a 12" or so shell hits a bunch of stored cordite, its going to go "boom", doesn't matter how much armour you have. Just my 2 cents worth. Cheers
  2. Thallias

    US Carrier loadouts

    I really hope Wargaming sorts out these aweful carrier loadouts that the US tree have to endure. Just finished a game against a Ryujo. I got shut down and lost all my fighters. I currently have the Independence and really the only worth while loadout is the fighter package. The only advantage the US has is in the amount of aircraft in a squadron but that's offset by the number of squadrons the IJN Carriers have. He had 3 squadrons against my 2 even though we had even amount of panes, I got shut down. I have all the fighter upgrades as well. I ended up with no fighters and only 4 bombers. The extra squadron makes a huge difference when attacking fighters not to mention that he also had a torpedo and bomber squadron as well and to add insult to the injury his hanger capacity has 11 more planes than I have so can someone tell me how this is balanced??????.