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  1. RaptorGTX22

    Aimbotters, Matchmaking and ticket response

    What ships/guns we talking here...i can be sitting still with another stationary target lined up and still get bullet spread Well...what can I say..great response, can't argue that :/ That's the only other sad thing about this game, you have players come on the forums to report problems, bugs in the game, receive feedback on issues, even sometimes criticizes the game on why something how it is and such (why the RNG is so bad is a good example)..normal stuff you expect on other game forums....but why it is always a lone or few 'alpha' testers chime in on the thread just to say 'move along...nothing to see here". Now are these ppl paid (even un-paid..free premium account maybe) mods by WG to reply in the forums to save an actual WG employee to do it...OR...are these ppl actually just annoyed that some randon has brought up problems with the game that some if not most of the community could agree or at least "not deny" that it's happening in game and have a hissy fit cause they spent hundreds if not thousands of dollar on the game thinking it the best game over...but deep down they know what is being said is true. Just something I noticed with this community...i've seen it on a few other threads too...oh well just wondering. As for my ticket they finally responded (YAY)...too bad they didn't read what I actually said...so i'll try again..wait another few days :p
  2. RaptorGTX22

    Aimbotters, Matchmaking and ticket response

    Thank for all the replies. I'd just like to clarify, when im getting hit in smoke, im not firing back, yes i know if I did it basically gives away my position but Im not. Yes..i know smoke doesn't make you invulnerable but getting hit constantly by a full volley while im angled to them in smoke where I cant be seen seems abit suss...and like I said..this isn't 'random' games..this is like 4 out of 5 games. And i'll say it again..a "FULL VOLLEY" while moving. Now I can be any ship in the game 5km away from them with me not moving, and them not moving...only 70% of shells will hit...cruisers and gun boat DD more accurate but you will never hit all your shots. Now if you guys disagree with this...we are playing different games because imo WG should rename this game from WOWS to RNG. Now thats only at 5km...im getting full volleyed at 8km+..please explain? Now...you guys said.. 'maybe the guy is a good player"...true, however the good player still cant control the RNG...shells are never accurate in this game no matter how well you aim them..sure 1, 2 , maybe 3 shots....full volleys of 6-8 -10...BS Now to MMing...all these 'good players'...why they not on my team lol...at least 30% of the time be good :p Some have also commented on my win rate, I started played during the end of open beta and played alot of games from then to the game officially launched. Mostly in my tier 2 ijn DD, loved the damn thing and won alot of games so thats why my WR is as it is..but it slowly deteriorating every time I decide to play. So noone has experience putting in support tickets to WG?...im still waiting for a reply
  3. Now, few problems i've noticed with the game lately, is WG doing anything about hackers/aimbotters in the game...cause it doesn't seem what I do recently in some games, turn left of right, side to side, in smoke and 'not detected', doesnt matter how fast im going, always getting hit if not the most of the times getting hit critically (cits/fire, etc). Now you could put this being random..but every game?...esp when you getting hit from weak gun boast (under tiered ijn DD for example). Where is the 'report cheater' in the menu? I can only use the report 'bot' casue they using a bot...but can only use 7 times a day?..wtf WG? Does WG take cheaters/hacker seriously? or no one care cause they think cause the client is server based and hacking is impossible?...true..no hacks in CoD or BF either :/ And while we talking about bots....WG matchmaking system...WOW....I thought League of Legends system was bad...f*** me...currently on last 25 games, only won 6. I'll be a BS, by the time I get into firing range half my team are dead...wtf. Some days i'll get a nice average and good matchmaking with 60-40% win rate...but that's rare...i'd take me 10 hours on this game to just to get the first win bonus on 10 ships most of the time. This leading me to believe most of my team must be bots...yet you only give us 7 reports daily?..wtf WG? Lastly...ticket responses time, just wondering how long you guys usually take?..most other games I put tickets in takes only 1-2 days...you guys...alot longer. Sad thing the ticket I put in i was trying to give you guys money (gifting doubloons to a friend)...but just silence..oh well. The game can be fun (mostly at tier 2-4) but once you hit tier 5 you get constantly hit by a tier 7 that never misses (both a aimbotter and MMing problem) I just dont know how the game has lasted this long....only way to play atm is to drop like $500 on it...buy all the op premium ships and premuim account..basically P2W...but that dont help if your team full of bots and/or against aimbotters.
  4. RaptorGTX22

    Premium account nerfs my ships

    Its only what i've noticed...only been playing since the open beta was released. I seem to have a 'better' game with no premium active. Just had 3 games that i was basically incapped all game no matter what I did..oh well. It could all be in my head...but i've had 3 lots of 24hr premiums and it seems to be the same story. The games mechanics arent that hard...just too bad the game relies on more luck then actually skill which is a shame. I seem to have better luck with no premium..just my observation anyway
  5. Hi, just wondering if anyone has noticed that on a premium account that all your stats on a ships are basically nerfed. My accuracy on guns are diminished, damage from guns lower, my ship seem to take more damage, and I get incapacitated more often or one shotted. This is happening on all my ships. When premium wears off though I can actually hit things, do good damage and survive the usual time I normally would. Not sure if this is a balancing tool or just a cash grab but hard to justify paying for premium if you got no XP/credits in game if you cant hit/damage anything. My idea of a OK/decent game is " to get sum hits, kills if im lucky...get a decent amount of damage and do the objectives to get a decent high score/XP/credits at the end of game....atm with premium I get about 1 game like this out of 15-20 games atm ...yet with no premium I get a decent game (good XP/credits) once every 3-4 games. Good way to entice ppl to pay to get the extra XP/credits...but a waste of money if your ship is useless. Anyone else experiencing this? PS..on a side note the game is OK though, better and more enjoyable then tanks. But could you plz delete tier 3 battleshipss as they a waste of XP and credits, and nerf torp bombers..thx