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  1. Keep in mind the Kawachi/Myogi are pretty terrible boats, it's what the devs put in so you know that BB is not easy mode. Things will get better when you get to Kongo though, played well it is a beast and you will love BB play better than all the other boats. Leading targets: You're mostly right. Look at your shell travel time and then lead depending on the speed of the enemy ship. You will eventually memorise roughly what the top speeds are for each ship, if it feels like they're going slower than top speed then fire sequentially and see where your shells land/adjust accordingly. Some rules of thumb for how much to lead: with a 7 sec shell travel time: Slow ships ~20knt Top speed: 5 Medium ships ~25knt Top Speed: 7-8 Fast ships ~30knt top speed: 10-12 with a 10 sec shell travel time: Slow ships 20knt Top speed: 6-7 Medium ships ~25knt Top Speed: 10-12 Fast ships ~30knt top speed: 12-15+ (This isn't marked, you'll have to guess/eventually you get a feel for it) Generally US BBs are very slow, All CVs, IJN BB's, US CL/CA, are medium speed and IJN&KM CL/CAs are fast. DDs are very fast, don't bother shooting them at 10km+, they will turn and slow down and dodge your shells. Also look at your minimap to see which way the enemy is turning. If he is sailing towards you then aim infront, if he's sailing away then aim behind. Try to shoot people when they are showing broadside to you for best results, i.e. if someone is in the middle of a turn wait till he is broadside before shooting. Hope this helps
  2. spcogg

    soo why bother with Battleships?

    Best advice I've ever discovered when playing a BB: Don't shoot anything except citadels. Or more practically, Don't shoot anything that's not sailing broadside to your guns. You will have amazing success with this strategy.
  3. spcogg

    Who else is sick of HE spamming Cruisers

    HE spamming cruisers are actually easy to deal with profitably once you know what to do depending on what ship you're in (more specifically what guns you're using). The TLR version: if they are spamming HE, get in position and shoot their citadels with AP. Against 1-2 HE Spam Crusiers: Assuming you are dealing with just a group of 1-2 cruisers. If the enemy fleet is behind the cruisers directly infront of you, see advice for dealing with 3+ ships below. If you are in: CL/CA What you need to do here is charge the enemy, angling and turning to dodge/minimize shell damage. Once you are in range of your guns effective ranges for shooting citadels, bring your guns to bear and shoot AP into their citadels to quickly destroy them whilst they are still waiting for you to burn down. Read the various great citadel guides on the forum to learn how to get them (i.e. enemy needs to show you broadside, you need to load AP, angle needs to be flat enough, you need to know where their citadels are etc. etc.) and practise aiming. The effective range depends on your gun's arcs and calibre vs. enemy citadel armour thickness, which you should learn/remember for various ships you come up against. Most CL/CAs have poor armour anyway, notable exception being the Cleveland which has tiny citadels and ridiculously heavy armour. Better to just shoot HE at them, they deserve it anyway. For most CL guns (up to 155mm) I find the effective range to be about <6KM. Any more then shells will fly up then come down at too much of an angle to penetrate. For CA guns (200mm+, which IJN actually gets from the T5 Furutaka onwards) you should be able to land citadels from 8-9KM which will allow you to demolish enemy cruisers. It works in everything from T4 upwards, and I've done crazy damage in Kuma/Omaha/Furutaka/Cleveland/Aoba/Moyko, even in a T3 Kolberg (with tiny 105mm guns you think couldn't even scratch a DD) against Kumas so you can too. One of the most fun things you can do in this game is to get yourself a Omaha and shoot citadels into clueless T3/4/5 cruisers when they're still waiting for you to burn down with their HE shells. If you are in a BB Know your effective range and stay there, BBs were made to sink CL/CA so if you're getting sunk by 1-2 cruisers then you're doing something wrong. For IJN bbs this is ~15KM and learn to aim, you can easily get citadels whilst dodging HE fire at this range, just remember not to sail in a straight line at top speed all the time. Or you could charge in and shoot their citadels and end them quick, up to you. For USN BB's it's a little harder because you're forced get closer, but USN BB's is hard mode anyway so if you don't like it them play something else. If you are in a DD I'm not a DD expert, but I see other DDs dropping torpdeos in their general direction, drop smoke, and running away, repeat seems to work well for them. Just don't expect to win a gun fight with Cruisers in a DD Against 3 or more Cruisers: You are probably too far ahead of your team, run as fast as you can. The game is balanced so that you can't solo this many ships at once. What if they shoot AP at back your citadels? It's probably because they are good at this game and you can't really complain about HE spamming cruisers right?
  4. Lol totally agree with OP. Now i guess I should apologise for all those fires I'm setting
  5. spcogg

    How to Play the North Carolina?

    Update: I figured it out, this is what I got for playing the NC "correctly": I am starting to get used to the playstyle that makes a 'successful' game in the NC, which is basically point bow towards enemy, and wait for them to show you their broadsides. Having an island next to you helps to prevent people from torping/shooting your citadels from the side. Moving forwards and backwards from time to time helps avoid, but does not prevent, torpedo damage. Played like this, the NC seems to be mostly effective against the following: At >10KM: BB/CA/DD that show their broadsides to you At 10-15KM: CL/CA that show broadsides to you. BBs will laugh at your when your shells bounce harmlessly off their armour At 15+ KM: BBs that show their broadsides to you. CL/CA will laugh at you when your shells splash all around them Instead of firing as often as possible, you have to wait till someone shows their broadsides to you to have any hope of doing real damage. Even if your shells do connect it's still seems largely RNG, especially at ranges 10KM+. You are very, very resistant to citadel damage as long as the bow is pointed towards the enemy, but concentrated HE fire from 2 or more CA will still sink you within a minute you get focused fires. Having an island helps. I can't say if I like this style, which is very, very passive and reactive, after all the brawling up close and personal with all guns blazing in the colorado. But it works: From the same game
  6. spcogg

    North Carolina Advice

    Another Bump for these NoCar Threads, agree with most of the issues raised here - still really disappointed after the Colorado :/ Side note, I suspect most people hating on the colorado either never played it or played it long enough to get good at it. As it is, the North Carolina is just not fun, even with all the upgrades. By fun I mean something the ship does well such as: Tirpitz/Colorado: being able to reliably shoot citadels at <15KM Myoko:continually spam HE against BB/DD and shoot AP for big citadels Minekaze: Sneak in close and wait for people to sail into your torpedos The North carolina as a BB just doesn't do anything really well. It can't shoot CLs/CAs/BBs reliably, and your AA is good but it won't save you against a T9/10 CV if it's really determined to torpedo you.
  7. spcogg

    How to Play the North Carolina?

    Agreed, good thinking with the catapault fighter, i'm going to use that from now to spot DD's/Torps now that the torps have the very silly non-detection upgrade. I've started to realise that pointing the bow at the enemy is a pretty good tactic, but still the horrendously long shell travel time and terrible arcs means that it's generally very hard to shoot someone who is paying attention and angling/dodgeing. I never had this problem with the Colorado (my main point of reference, since I just finished that grind) thanks to the very flat shell arcs and being able to just shoot the enemy in the side. Nowadays I find most ships are immune to citadels between 10-15kms because of the terrible shell angles. I find that it's difficult to do good damage on ships that are sitting still, which is highly annoying. Just today I fired 6 shells at the broadside of an AFK atlanta from 15k's out, got 4 hits for a grand total of 5k damage. It is extremely unsatisfying Yeah now that I've gotten the B hull the turning is much better, but still with how close you have to get to enemies to be effective it doesn't help that much. I can aim well enough to shoot single DDs with the main guns, main annoyance is that to do good damage against CL/CA/BB consistently I find I have to get within 7KM (suicidal if there's another DD/CL/CA nearby that will torp you), or stay really far away and only hit once every 5 minutes. I have a Tirp and that thing wrecks CL/CA/BB at 8-13KM thanks to the flat arcs sending the shells into the broadsides, but with the North Carolina at those ranges your shells bounce more often than not. I think it's just not fun. Sure you can sit at 20km and shoot shells and get the odd Citadel, but at 10-15km you deal inconsistent damage even if you aim well, and at <7km you're basically torpedo bait. AA is fun to use on T6-7 CVs when you shoot down entire squads, but nothing can save you when T9-10 CV's send 3 full TB squads and drop 18 torpedos all at once in your side.
  8. spcogg

    Playing the Colorado

    ^This. Also the shells have horrible hang time and dispersion, i posted a rant about it in another thread here http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?act=findpost&pid=11794 The colorado has a style that it excels in, which is getting in to mid-range and brawling it out. Still not sure what the North Carolina is good at. I think another issue is the matchups at tier. At T8 you see a lot of T9-10 ships, and it's the point where cruisers have more dpm than you and can dodge your shells very effectively at 15km+ She is one sexy beast though.
  9. Hey guys, I saw a few North Carolina (Nocar) Threads about various things but figured there wasn't a comprehensive rant about the problems I have in this boat. I Had a lot of fun in the Colorado, but after 30ish games I still haven't figured out what I'm meant to do in this ship that makes it 'fun'. Be interested to hear if I'm missing something here. Admittedly I'm still in the stock hull because I've been making an average of -30k creds per game i've played so...no money to buy the hull upgrade even though I have the Exp. I think it comes down to 3 parts, which affect the performance of the Nocar at Long, Medium and Short ranges: Terrible accuracy at range: Long Shell Hangtime + Terrible dispersion The main batteries are simply horrendous on the Nocar because you can't hit anything reliably. Shells take a Loooong time to land (something like 10 seconds at 15km) giving people plenty of time to turn, making it very difficult to aim. Added to that is the massive shell dispersion, so basically even if you do aim properly and the target doesn't turn, you're still relying on RNG to do any damage at all. Hard to get citadels at Medium range: High shell arcs This s a problem on it's own because it means you can't really penetrate people's broadsides at medium range (10-15km), I have atagos bouncing 16" shells because it hits their deck from 12 kms out. This means either you stay far and hit deck, which is impossible due to the above point about shit accuracy, or try and go in really close (<8km) for belt shots. But the problem with that is... Can't escape at short range: Terrible turning/rudder shift It's really easy to die if you're up close/ahead of the team. If you charge in and the enemy team focus fires you then you're toast, turning around takes too long and you'll probably get hit by waves of torpedos now with this silly DD buff. There doesn't seem to be a range or role where the Nocar is effective, unlike the colorado which does well at medium/short ranges. Theoretically the boat should do well at long ranges but I'm pretty much out played by anything from a Mogami upwards because the guns have terrible spread, basically rely on RNG to sometimes land the odd citadel which isn't really 'fun' for me. The only way I do well right now is if my Team is doing well and drawing attention away from me so I can charge in and do damage. Thoughts/tips? Ideally practical strategies and explanations on how you'd do well. Thanks
  10. spcogg

    Playing the Colorado

    Just finished the Grind, the Colorado is one of the ships I'm keeping, it's excellent once you get into the hang of it (which should be quick since it's just a New mex that hits harder). Like people have said, don't use the range upgrade, you turn quick so angle in when attacking, aim for citadels. Your 16" guns have very flat shell trajectories that have low flight time (easier to lead) and easily penetrate the belt armour of anything that's showing broadsides to you at <13km. You can Easily 1shot most CA/CL, DDs, and quickly destroy silly Japanese BB's that get in close. I had lots of fun with mine, most people saying it's crap haven't played it or even US BBs. Hope you're off the stock hull, I Free Exp'd mine but if it's anything like the New Mex Stock it is ridiculously bad. Just don't expect the North Carolina you get after to be as fun, that ship is definitely Junk.
  11. Do the missions have to be done in order as they appear on the missions page?
  12. ^This. BBs are made for sinking things with 1-2 salvos at medium-close range. Any further and it's pure RNG, plus shells that take 8+ seconds to land are easy to dodge. Lower tier is hard because it's designed to sort the men from the boys, because at high tier BBs are really really OP. If you're having fun in a Kongo then you should understand. If not, well there's always DD/CL/CA/CV to play
  13. spcogg

    About the Colorado Buff

    It's true that the Colorado doesn't have much going for it vs. Higher tier, but I think the same argument applies to most ships. I've played some T7/8/9 games and you can do lots of damage to T8/9 bbs by charging them whilst angling, then once you're in range your guns do just as much damage as theirs. Most BB's ive seen don't bother running to stay out of range. T8+ Cruisers do hurt a lot though, but if you can get in range then they die from citadels just as fast as any lower tier CA/CL. Thinking about the Colorado after a few more games (now mine is fully upgraded), compared to the Nagato, the points about speed/HP/Range is largely overstated, because the Colorado is small, turns better and so dodge torpedos better. and also dodge shells from any BB firing at 20Km because of the ungodly shell hangtime, unless you're totally not paying attention. Also you have way thicker armour compared to the IJN bbs which are made of citadels, so the HP difference doesn't really matter as long as you're angling and bouncing shells/hitting citadels in return, though I suppose Cruisers will still kill you with HE spam if you're caught without support. The increased armour/lower range actually makes you more useful to the team because you're forced to get up close to tank shells for your team, instead of sitting back and flinging shells at max range. @Blitzkreig95 thanks for clearing up the reload time buff, the 4 second faster reload to the 30 second reload time now actually does make a massive difference. I feel the Colorado guns fire a lot faster than the New Mex 34 sec/salvo reloads lol. They are definitely a lot more accurate, more than the stats say in port, which helps a lot. TL;DR, i'm having fun in the colorado, I get 80k+ attack every 2nd game or so. Guess this is the mentality I have after grinding through T3-6 USB BBs lol
  14. spcogg

    About the Colorado Buff

    @MeloMelonSoda I have seen those vids before, which is what made me think the Colorado was going to be horrible. Much to my surprise I already find it more fun to play than the new mex (which was already a beast) 3 games in. The guns are much easier to shoot/aim with even though you have less barrels, and you have more range compared to the pathetic 13-15km on the New Mex, better penetration/more damage. Sure it's slow but that's the same as all the BBs before. Basically it feels like a better version of the new mex so I don't get why there was all the hate for it. I haven't played it pre-buff, so wondering what was so bad about the colorado before the buff