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  1. Right, read the wrong source
  2. Initially I thought KGV at T8 with 14inch guns was ridiculous, but on closer look, the guns are actually 360mm historically, aren't they? Correct me if I'm wrong, but at 360mm, it just gets past the 25mm auto-bounce threshold, which puts it on similar grounds as 380mm guns in terms of overmatch values. Only difference would be the shell weight and total krupp value.
  3. fawx317

    Wargaming Game Center causing spike-lags

    Wow... that.. sucks. But in my case, it only started having noticeable lag-spikes about a week ago, perhaps since the last WCG client update. This should really be looked at. It doesn't just lag the game, it lags all other internet activities on the PC when WGC is active.
  4. 1. Description Noticed that general internet connectivity experiences spike-lagging when Wargaming Game Center is active. 2. Reproduction steps 1. Start WGC 2. Boot the game through WGC 3. Noticed spike-lagging starts whenever WGC is active. 4. Turning off WGC results in completely smooth connection without interruptions 3. Result Literally disconnects from the game every few minutes. 4. Expected result uh, WGC shouldn't lag the connection down? 5. Technical details - Started a week ago. - Running on Windows 10 - I am very sure it's not an ISP or router problem, as it is only happening on this PC among the many devices connected to my network - Attaching a screenshot of constant-pinging Google.com while WGC is active. It is completely smooth after i kill WGC. - Booting the game without going through WGC results in absolutely no lag at all. I'm still not completely sure if WGC is the cause, but having exhausted every other "fix" that I can find on the net, this was the only real possible root-cause that I could find that actually solved the problem for me. I apologize if it ends up bogus, but could you guys look into this possibility?
  5. fawx317

    DKM CA vs. DKM BB

    Hindenburg's my personal favourite TX CA (I own the Zao and Moskva too). Sure, it doesn't exactly excel at a specific aspect like the others, but its versatility enables it to adapt to various situations effectively. And the amount of shells you can constantly rain down on enemies are oh-so satisfying, if you can master the ship's strengths and overcome its weaknesses. But on the other hand, I grinded up to the Hindy when the meta didn't include RN CLs, KM BBs, and the numerous other Prem ships. So for T8 and below, it might be much more difficult to grind past now than it is back then when I did it. But if we're judging on the TX alone, I would give a healthy recommendation to the Hindenburg.
  6. Ended 2015 with 1 Tier X Ships - Yamato Now I'm ending 2016 with 5 Tier X Ships - Yamato, Zao, Hindenburg, Moskva, G. Kurfurst (6 if including the researched but not-yet-purchased Montana)
  7. I've witnessed things this past week that I never thought I would see in-game. Like a Minotaur being played in the style of an IJN DD, stealth torping and kiting without ever firing the guns. Now I've seen everything.
  8. fawx317

    Love Secret Santa

    I got an Indianapolis and Prinz Eugen last night But my luck went south after that, with my card being charged 3 times despite hitting an error during the last couple of transactions
  9. fawx317

    New ships coming - Stats

    So KM DDs specialty will be (again) having Hydro. Designated DD hunter I suppose
  10. fawx317

    Post bad ships here so I can suffer in them

    The Danae has been giving me PTSD. You can try that one.
  11. I remember seeing somewhere (One of Flamu's videos I think) that planes only have an effective viewing distance of 11km. I can't see the numbers clearly in the first screenshot, but it looks to be 11.4km. So while your ship may have a Detectability By Air of >11km, that value can be ignored and lowered down to 11km because of how planes work currently.
  12. fawx317

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Just got 50k Free xp off my first supercontainer. Would've rather had credits, but I'll take it
  13. fawx317

    Deathskyz's Rank 1 Recovery Group

    Thanks for the info. I think I'll likely stick with the Bismarck as my main to bring into ranks if that's the case. Not too confident in my Benson-play.
  14. fawx317

    Salt with the new economic system

    Most likely damage-ratio. From your results screen, you did pretty significant damage % to all the ships you sunk (Case in point, 80-90% of damage on the Blyskawica)
  15. fawx317

    Deathskyz's Rank 1 Recovery Group

    I'm at Rank 8 at the moment, trying to work up the ranks. Just curious if the meta in the Premiere League is any different from how it is in the other leagues? Or is it still DD-saturated like the previous seasons?