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  11. If I recall correctly, Bogue,Independence, Ranger and Lexington were built as escort carrier so it doesn't have a capability to project fire power like Essex and Midway. So, until you get to essex and midway, US CV are good for protecting your team mate from bomber and torp bomber. It is not a fun job but that what those ship design to do.
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    How to encounter US CV with 2 fighters?

    Hello, To OP, IJN CV always have more active squadrons compare to US fighter at the same tier. Until Essex, US CV can only have max 2 squadrons of fighter, they cannot handle 4 or more squadrons of bomber and torp bomber at the same time. you can distract them with multiple squadrons flight multiple direction and make him chose which one to engage. Even then at Essex, Taiho can with 7 squadrons can overrun Essex 3 squadrons of fighter and sink Essex if you plane your attack well. Hope it help