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  1. อีกชุดเดียวจะเกิน160,000แล้วเชียว ดันแคบเสร็จก่อนTwT IGN: matsunaga_th
  2. clan: KGR (kagerou) IGN: matsunaga_th E-mail :wedbluedragon@hotmail.com Tel: 0899254667 poi =w=
  3. i play rank all day and keep lose down form rank5 to rank6 7-8 time and i always get back to rank5 but when server down in two game in rank that i am going to win not even i don't get the star i should but still lose two star in the game that i'am going to win send me back to rank7.... do you have any idea how i feel now!!!!!!!!!???
  4. sever down make me lose two star in two game that i am going to win.... why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????