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  1. Owen_Cheung

    Confusion, I have it

    Well actually it is as same as battle stations, all the resting crew should go back to their positions in order to get ready for battle.
  2. Owen_Cheung

    SO this happened

    Amazing job and respect for that, there are not many people going to do that in Hong Kong.
  3. Owen_Cheung

    What ship do you perfer?

    Cruisers at least for now, they are all-rounded and have a bigger room for error.
  4. Owen_Cheung

    Which ships have potential for tournaments

    I agree what you say about the pace issue, as the map is much larger in World of Warships, both sides need a much longer time to get close and shoot each other. I guess it is too soon for us to say anything about clan wars or tournaments as the game is still in a beta stage, they may want to focus on the ships first.
  5. Owen_Cheung

    Isn't 20 minutes for a battle too short?

    20 minutes per game is enough for lower tier match as many times both teams will rush up and the battle will end relatively quick. And actually the chances of getting draws are not that high, so I think 20 minutes per game is suitable for now.