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  1. Cleveland BS OP HE SPAM!

    Destroy her turrets.
  2. How to avoid HE spam from cruisers

    That's very hurt....
  3. How to avoid HE spam from cruisers

    Yesterday, I played Furutaka. So, Her AP shell can hit citadel Myogi Class (4500 Damages)
  4. How to avoid HE spam from cruisers

    Play a cruiser, and let's spam HE on other BBs
  5. How to avoid HE spam from cruisers

    I think that's not easy to set fire... yesterday I shot 1 Myogi around 40-50 hit. but it can set only 2-3 fire and dmg isn't much...
  6. To buy or not to buy? That is the question.

    Why Russian is being slightly better than any other nation? However I need German Too...
  7. where are you from?

  8. Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    Ahhh.... Anyone can explain it to me what kind of cheat? But I think it concern with the big ships go out battle area but i don't know what happen with them?
  9. The game is "so balance"

    Kawachi Banzai Style ...
  10. To buy or not to buy? That is the question.

    I support Murmansk. It's similar with Omaha (USN Tier 5) with 1944 Hull. But Murmansk's rudder Shift just 5 seconds!! and 14.8 km gun range (after my russian captain upgrade secondary gun it increase to 17.76 km) don't compare it with Furutaka... It's very different...
  11. Hi guys, I have some problem when i play this game with my friends. Because I have 6 Friends who play this game but the division is limit only 3 ppls. It possible or not that I can play this game with all of my friends? Thank you.
  12. Light Cruiser Because I never to play Heavy Cruiser
  13. Atago, comments from owners here please.

    What about Atlanta ?
  14. Question about Atago Class

    And.... what upgrade that need for Omaha between increase AA range or Increase Reload main gun speed? My Murmansk use increase Range but it look quiet hard to shot down bomber...
  15. Question about Atago Class

    http://wowsdb.info/ship/omaha This site said same armor but different in number of guns.