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  1. Can attest to that. Switching to the WoWS window disables Microsoft IME. Tested on Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (Simplified).
  2. Nice to see where Zaou came from. I don't have objections with either name, but there was the possibility of complying to the mountains theme while keeping the Senjou name just by changing the kanji.
  3. Unvanquished

    no points for taking caps A-E ?

    Most likely reason is that base point captures are only applicable in Standard Battle (and possibly Encounter Battle as well).
  4. Unvanquished

    Language bug within WoWS community portal

    Checked my profile. Seems like they've fixed it.
  5. Unvanquished

    Achievements/Challenges Ideas.

    It does, haha. I've done it a total of once, and it was Co-op (I think), so I didn't really see it.
  6. Unvanquished

    How to increase slot for buy the ship?

    Is there a limit to how many slots you can have?
  7. Unvanquished

    Why WOW is lagh ?

    Force the game to use the GPU via the NVIDIA Control Panel.
  8. Unvanquished

    Achievements/Challenges Ideas.

    Easy: Two Ships One Lance: Kill 2 ships with one torpedo spread Penetrator: Get 5 citadel hits Medium: Taking You With Me: Kill the ship that killed you Firestarter: Kill 3 ships with fire damage. Has no fire damage requirement like Arsonist Hard: Sniper: Get 5 citadel hits from shots fired from more than 10km Armor? What Armor?: Get 10 citadel hits Psychic: Sink an undetected enemy ship Heaven's Blessing: Take damage from each ship of the team and survive
  9. Unvanquished

    i want WG make limitation system for Tier 1-3

    This. You have a better chance of getting what you want at Co-op than Random Battles. It works even if there aren't that many people playing (i.e. midnight to early morning where player population <10000).
  10. Unvanquished

    highest rank captains can get ?

    Kaigun Shoushou is Rear Admiral. Admiral is Kaigun Taishou.
  11. Unvanquished

    Moving Commander?

    This guide should have everything you need to know about commanders.
  12. Unvanquished

    World of Torpedoes!

    And this was after Kitakami.
  13. Unvanquished

    OBT and the future question

    I'm pretty sure it'll remain free to play after OBT.
  14. Unvanquished

    NEW TO THE WoWS FORUMS? Read this first before posting!

    To clarify, what is considered "light discussion"? I've noticed that even the mere mention of some games other than WG games get moderated.