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  1. ImaniTyl

    Supertest Recruitment Round 4

    ImaniTyl I understood and agreed to the conditions ,so I'd like to apply to be a Supertester.
  2. ImaniTyl

    Super Testers Recruitment Round 3

    I'm from Thailand and I can speak English but, not master I want to be helpful to this game and i want join this ST. Must be a WoWS Player with at least 300 battles across different ship classes and nations. - 1000matchs and mainly Battleship. Must have good standing and clean records in forums and in game. - I can surely say yes ! Must have Skype and TeamSpeak for communications -Yes Must agree to this NDA / Set of Rules (or see below) - Yes Must be active and dedicated in testing sessions. -Yes Must be able to follow directions and provide structured feedback. -Yes