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  1. Remove CV fighters

    Is it feasible? Just concentrate on TB and DB loadout only. I think many ships, especially at high tier, already has a very formidable AA suite anyway. Fighter only complicate matters. And seem's most CV players are not very fond of AS loadout anyway.
  2. Team size option

    Currently, the number of players for random battle can reach up to 24 players per battle. I would like to suggest that players be given an option to set their preferred team size. I suggest there's an option to set limit the size of team to 16 and/or 8 players, and the map be resize correspondingly so that a battle can end faster.
  3. High tier PVE

    I need a guide here. I've been playing PVE almost exclusively for a while now. I got TIX Iowa which i love to play more often, but I can't since the the credit lost can be crazy high. In one battle, I scored victory with 120K damage. but for some reason I suffered about 6K in credit lost. In another game, I scored victory with about 90K damage and got about 3K in profit instead. So I assume damage alone didn't determine how much credit I won. Anyone here can tell me how the reward was calculated?
  4. How do you money

    I don't recommend using non-permanent camo on PVE though since camo that give extra credit are hard to come by. Use Zulu (+20% extra credit) and India Bravo Terathree (-10% service cost). I got this at almost every container.
  5. A bench?

    I noticed that there's a bench on the aft deck of all the French cruisers. Is this a real fixtures or added by WG just for this game?
  6. Australian based server.

    Maybe AU server is intermediate server for AU player. Kinda like VPN server.
  7. IJN Cruisers Furutaka and Aoba

    Aoba is agile enough that you can potentially evade battleship shells. I used this to great effect during the last ranked. I went one on one against a full health Myoko in Furutaka C and i won, that's how good Furutaka C is.
  8. What about the XPS 13, the i5 version?
  9. There's this one time when Anti collision override my WASD as I was trying to dodge a torp. Cause me early death. I never use collision avoidance ever since.
  10. I wanna see large cruiser Alaska. Suggest as tier 8 premium. It'll be like Graff Spee, a cruiser with big gun.
  11. Just curious

    You can see in the video below how the ship use the anchor for emergency. In this case though, they drop both anchors.
  12. USN Cruisers split

    I Also think that all the exp and credit spend on my Cleveland, Pensacola and New Orleans be return back to me so that I can choose which branch I want to pursue.
  13. USN Cruisers split

    rather than replacement, I hope they recompense in the form of exp and credits spend.
  14. USN Cruisers split

    Well because I don't recognize some of the new ships included. And why no Brooklyn class? I love to have a a 15 guns cruiser.