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  1. Gdub41


    Fuso is ok But watch out for Arizona ! In mine I will citadel Fuso more than any other ship , typically I get2 cits on a Fuso then I ask for some cruiser to finish it But I did like Fuso am playing the heck out of Amagi and Bismarck now they're fun ships , specially watching a DD spot you and run from your secondaries hehehehehe
  2. Gdub41


    I got it last night theres a lot of meh moments it's so slow, when I got the hang of it, was good start of match zoom in on s enemy Indianapolis too far ? Launch spotter , aim fire 5 battery hits plus 2 citadels , Indiananapols was gone , pretty much in the 2st few minutes the guy didn't say a thing. got a Colorado in another match , when the Arizona gets hit it hurts s bit tho
  3. Gdub41

    Texus is now in Asia premium shop

    Which price is Aussies Dollars ? 31.30 or the 22.99 ?
  4. Gdub41

    Some people want to play Asia server

    why is starting Asia so bad ? i think its great on this server, my partner on the other hand started on the NA server , when it was her time to play there was never anyone online , on the Asian server when we play there is generally 15k players i find great team work in most of my matches and the chat is for the greater part nice even with language barriers :-)
  5. Gdub41

    Patch size ?

    Hello I work remote in the pilbara and use mobile internet. So before updating WOWS i had 11% used after updating i am now sitting on 91% used !!!! i have used 7.5 gigabytes on this update alone. I have seen a 3.3/5 gig update then there was heaps of messing around then a 1022mb update started , so for a total of 4.5 gigs i seem to have used 7.5, am a bit annoyed as i will paying extra now for a month , i mean 7.5gigs that a whole PC game in size (well an olderish game anyways) but you know what i mean can they run updates when im home on my unlimited NBN internet ? BTW lovin the game :-D
  6. Gdub41

    Arp Kirishima Awarded early ?

    yes yes i free XP'd her to the USS Newyork on the weekend cheers mate
  7. Gday My Partner originally played on the NA server , i convinced her to start a SEA account. as she wanted to win some ARP ships and all the other good stuff too. so on Thursday she made it to lvl10 and the current ARP missions became available, So currently she has 809/2000 for the second stage of the mission to win the Kirishima. I gifted her a Murmansk to level up quickly and to be able to be competitive in the mission. Anyway today she logs in and Kirishima is in Port with criteria not met and she's a bit miffed that hasn't earned it any explanations ? thank you
  8. lol no just saying mine is the same age as his , yes i paid alot of money for it AUD2800 but 5 years later it still plays everything i want it really well.
  9. I play on a 2011 Asus Lamborghini, with a GT460m and Intel quad core I7 16 gig ram. 1900x1200 everything maxed out , although leaving my laptop in the dock screen unattended makes the laptop very hot for some reason not duplicated in other games
  10. Gdub41

    WoWs x Arpeggio Stage II

    Hello all i was looking at the FOG fleet online for the 1st time and saw that there is a FOG Battle Cruiser Repulse !! Yamato or Musashi would be nice also what do you believe the chances of getting this ship are ? , i won the Kirishima on the weekend , which very much easier than the Kongo and Myoko Mission which ran out of time on.
  11. Gdub41

    The game graphics are pretty awesome!

    I'm playing on a Asus Lamborghini with quad core and GT460 gpu bought new in 2011 play on all highest settings
  12. Gdub41

    Hi I'm New

    Gday fellas 1st post, my game name is R0b1n_W1ll1ams i play on the Asia server from Perth Western Australia. I couldn't find a welcome board so please move if you wish. Last night i played my Warspite for the 1st time in ages , due to it , i thought not being very good and costing more to fix than it made. So anyway i got on the new map Strait ? I was on the top left spawn , i advanced forwards with some back up , a cleveland showed up , turned and gave him a full broadside, got my 1st ever instakill 3 citadels on the Cleve , yet i see how hard they are to Cit all the time. Then i insta killed a Omaha/Furutaka on the next Salvo , finished with 3 kills for the game top score and 260k credits. I'd like to think the new patch made a difference because my Warspite has never played like that yet anyways nice to meet you all See ya