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  1. klanx171

    Japanese DD So Unreliable

    If you want to play IJN DDs you have to learn to live in that grey zone between your torp range and detection range. Like other posters have said you cant rely on your guns or your speed/maneuverability to get you out of trouble but you can most definitely ninja kills if you work at it. Also because IJN DDs have good torp range you can simply use them to deny an area and remind the enemy that your out there and can see them but they cant see you. I use my DD to spot more than attack in the early game, specifically enemy DDs as I can usually see them before they see me, once they are gone or somewhere else I can start to do some real damage. But as others have pointed out, there is more to being a DD driver than big kills/damage. Spotting, capping and just plain ol harassment can help your team win the game. If you run ahead of the main body but not directly in front of the cap, but off to the side, you can often spot for your team and no smoke will cover the enemy and you can watch them do all the hard stuff while you play artillery voyeur. But if you get spotted, you will get chased like the afore mentioned dog, run, run run!
  2. klanx171

    ARP Nachi

    Great Ship, cant really see what is different between her and the standard but she seems to have tighter spread of fire and suck up the hits better. Maybe its a radioactive snot green coloring.
  3. klanx171

    You guys budget warriors?

    Been a budget Warrior since the start. Its slower than premium time but not terminal. Have noticed that at Tier 8 it starts getting expensive to play and I have started to think that some premium time might be easier than the expensive grind.
  4. One of my few pet peeves with WoW is that I can sail my BB right next to an island and not run it aground. Even when the animation shows my ships hull bottom has merged into the ground below, on I sail without a care (except for enemy incoming!). Its a small gripe I admit but I think it would be great if such a dynamic actually existed, it would make maps with a lot of island that bit more challenging for players and add another nice "realistic" element to the cool weather effects that have been added recently. I know its mentioned in the game somewhere so maybe the developers originally planned it but decided to drop it.
  5. Its useful but not required. I like other DD drivers tend to go for close in kills with torps so speed is less of an issue than positioning and aiming.
  6. klanx171

    [Special] Battle of Coral Sea

    I actually found this to be a real challenge but also fun. That said I play Japanese Cruisers only so its not as hard as it sounds, you just have to hold the head on course until the enemy is too close to get away.
  7. klanx171

    Japan or USA Destroyers?

    One of my everlasting frustrations is sinking BBs in my IJN destroyers with a sweet sweet spread of torps. One of my everlasting frustrations is being hounded by US DDs who can throw out gun rounds like confetti at a parade and strip my ships HP in no time while I peck away with my own slower and feebler guns at them to no avail.
  8. klanx171

    Just love that moment when......

    I love the moment when you are ducking and dodging enemy fire and firing off a few shots just to keep them honest and you score a kill without really trying
  9. klanx171


    If I am heading for a cap by myself I approach with caution as its likely that enemy DDs will be there with CAs close enough to hurt me if I get spotted for too long. That said I dont usually pop smoke at the first sight of an enemy DDs as its a common, and natural, response for enemy DDs to pop their own smoke and turn away so usually LOS is broken or I can get out of detection range quick enough. It does become a problem when you own CAs wont come up with you, or even worse go charging in after you have already fallen back when the odds are against you. If you are in a group heading for a cap then go for it, hope your own team will cover you long enough to either get the cap, kill the DD or scare them off. If thats not an option then you need to consider falling back a bit and shadowing the cap so your close enough to put torps through as their main body passes through or to harass enemy DDs trying to move up. You should not just fall back and try somewhere else unless its clear that the whole enemy fleet is coming your way or you have no chance of survival if you stick around. I have been luck more than once by getting a brief spot of CAs and DDs coming into the cap, falling back to the edge of torp range then dumping a spread into the cap for a few hits, at the very least its usually breaks up the conga line and reminds them to be wary. Different maps do make for changes in tactics but the principles remain. If on the other hand you have the numbers and the advantage, get in there pop smoke and keep out of sight, be aware of enemy torps but otherwise take the cap and spot for your team mates. As a final point, I have begun to turn towards enemy DDs and ships at the first spotting as they often anticipate you turning away and will zero fast on you or have torps on course. A hard turn inwards and a spread of torps can throw them off and buy you time. Knowing where the islands are at this point is also a plus, DDs work well with cover.
  10. klanx171

    Suggestions for new historical based battles

    Guilty as charged. Catch you on TF44 sometime, we can form a goon squadron.
  11. klanx171

    I need to vent :(

    North American server?
  12. I want the pirate flag for tier 1.
  13. Yup, took the challenges and after 2 battles realized that if I chased DDs and CAs all day i would just be wasting my time and probably losing the battles, instead just concentrated on winning the game and letting the kills accumulate naturally. Also as a regular DD driver I'm used to people shooting at me the moment I appear so I have not noticed any difference there.
  14. klanx171

    Suggestions for new historical based battles

    Good to see Minnie is doing well. Did you hear about the British ship HMS Bluebottle? It was always falling in the water!
  15. klanx171

    Suggestions for new historical based battles

    I dont think that such game types would require anyone to play a specific game type anymore than the basic matchmaking that happens at the start of any game (ie you choose before you join the game queue and the server allocates you to a game). Also as Henry suggests this could be under a different banner such as missions, that would allow for those who want to play these type of battles to play wthout dragging in those who dont. Given how common such match making is on most FPS servers I am surprised that its not being done here. Henry: Do you have a better half called Minnie?