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  1. GTRSkyYo

    For Singapore players!

    add me if you want
  2. GTRSkyYo

    Extending Public Test by 1 or 2 more days?

    Well slim chances might be bigger but hope to see the 2nd test
  3. As the topic stated any players feel that its actually quite fun to demo this higher tier ship and maybe the developers are able to extend public testing server to 1 or 2 more days ?
  4. GTRSkyYo

    Fighters are to be honest, broken

    please no offensive comments
  5. GTRSkyYo

    Fighters are to be honest, broken

    you should get your bombers to avoid the fighters, i played in a match before with this other CV he had no fighters and all my fighters were gone and yet we still won because we avoided the fighters and bombed and torp other ships while avoiding the fighters
  6. GTRSkyYo

    World of warships Digital Age?

    Not like so futuristic type more like the 21st century ships but make it more fun in a sense? but i guess we are good with what we have now
  7. GTRSkyYo

    World of warships Digital Age?

    I am not sure anyone would agree with me on this but it might be quite cool to see a World of warships in The mordern age where we have the latest technology in ship fighting