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    byungnam got a reaction from JonahWolfe in Occasional NO bombs dropped from dive bombers   
    Hi. I'm currently playing with Bogue with 1 torp, 2 dive bombers setting.
    I'm pretty sure that I can use manual bombing correctly - I usually hit 3-4 torps for a cruiser/battle ship or 1-2 for a destroyer, and make fine hits(2-3) with dive bombers, too.
    But sometimes, dive bombers just do not hit anything. I thought it was a really bad luck since the yellow ellipse was almost perfectly matched to the target when dive bombers dive, but, yeah I know it randomly hits within the ellipse - so there still exists some probability that all the bombs are dropped to the sea. But I've met this weird situation almost every 3 games. I thought it should be a bug, but I could not found any threads/notices/blog posts or anything.
    I'm so confused about it. Does it really a bad luck for me that hitting NO bombs for an almost perfectly matched yellow ellipse to a target?
    Want to know if others also experienced it.
    Edit : I found that there is a water splash when the bombs are dropped to the sea and when I experience the 'NO bombs', I also see NO water splashes. So, I think this is a bug at the moment.