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  1. Patch still not available?

    Yep - I'm a dummy :p
  2. Patch still not available?

    Forgive my ignorance; but shouldn't it be live by now? "Greetings Captains!Please note the WoWS 0.6.0 release has been postponed 1 hour on the ASIA Server. The new release time is January 18, 23:00 UTC Thank you for your understanding and patience." It's 0835 Jan 19th at time of this post. EDIT: Nevermind. I just realised it specifically says UTC. I need my morning coffee.
  3. I have a few times, but to be honest, I don't have the knowledge to be able to confidently try to direct my fellow players. I'd honestly do more harm than good
  4. The only chat I EVER see used on SEA servers is "poi". There's never any form of organization. You might get a few map pings, but that's about it.
  5. cv torpedo op plz fix this

    They should add an xp per minute reward for being in range of CV's; or somehow calculate defensive actions (AA shot down within range of a CV/BB). I would do that all day long if I got rewarded and in the process made our team stronger. I can see that being abused though (everyone sitting in spawn hugging their CV's for twenty minutes).
  6. cv torpedo op plz fix this

    I will play that style when I get properly rewarded for it. I spent an entire round in my Cruiser, protecting our carriers. I even ate three torps to keep the CV alive. What did I get for my actions? 400xp.
  7. Something needs to be done about this NOW. Every single game has at least two people doing this and it completely ruins the game. ~Its being worked on, it should be coming very very soon. Do not comment, just post replays in this thread Thanks Chappo
  8. Wow such leet skills. You can ride the border and not be hit. Amazing.