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  1. exiovus

    light american cruisers are here???

    okay, so its all lies saying theyre available now..
  2. I've been very interested in researching into and trying out the new american light cruiser line, but I find it confusing that the game says "A new line of American cruisers has just been added to the U.S.A tech tree. The new ships are available for research and purchase." sooo... where are they if they're available for research and purchase, if I cant see them in the tech tree? is there some magic that makes the line invisible at the moment, or is it all lies?
  3. just thought I'd start a post where everyone can post their most impressive games, to show off their skill to the community.
  4. exiovus

    balancing smoke

    Hello everyone, I have a suggestion that the smoke launcher ability on some cruisers and all destroyers have a draw back, I'm sure that I'm not the only player who gets annoyed when a destroyer positions himself inside smoke then spam's HE rounds at my ships, my idea changes this to a more realistic option. when a destroyer uses smoke they can't possibly see you on their own at least in real circumstances. (my point is, if you can't see them how can they see you?) option 1: Destroyers get Hydro acoustic search allowing them to see ships that are outside of their smoke. option 2: use it like it's meant to be used to escape incoming fire and detection, rather then hide inside it and be a menace while spamming HE. option 3: once a ship fires inside smoke they become spotted unless their are no enemy ships in line of sight. option 4: leave it as it is so that destroyers and some cruisers can remain a menace and virtually invulnerable while in smoke.