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  1. AYKP

    CB and WG Asia's huge mistake

    Oh great. So if the data shows that none of the Aussie/NZ clans are participating in CW, maybe things will change later in the season? Crazy question - is it worth it for the affected clans to just boycott this game mode, just for the first couple of weeks? With only 1-2 games per night, say 7-8 per week, we're not making it out of squall league anyway for the first fortnight. (Need min. 8 wins to qualify for moving up, then 3/5 wins to progress) At least WG's "data" will show that we're not playing their new game mode. Or will they assume we're not interested in playing?
  2. I think it's something to do with the routing with the ISPs. Tried using a VPN to an Australian server - instant improvement from 300ms with major lag spikes to ~100.
  3. AYKP

    Anime Boats question

    As an aussie, no - we're not. Besides, if he's getting this triggered by Arpeggio, just wait until the Haifuri content arrives. Grabs popcorn.