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  1. Will be much better once our daylight saving ends. Meanwhile, take advantage of daylight saving, or move to WA.
  2. Aeek

    I love Atlanta

    only because noone does Emerald divisions
  3. oh, this is why I such a lousy shot. I thought it was me!
  4. OTOH just did Raptor Rescue, 5 star, everyone survived
  5. Aeek

    How to git gud

    and I had zero interest in HSF. Do enjoy my ARPs tho'
  6. Aeek

    Seal Clubers... whats your take on it?

    I love my II Rus DD, so many torps, and they can see me. I loved them when they had 3km torpedoes.
  7. Aeek

    The DD Hunters - Gunnery Guide

    I keep wanting the Mentals "The Nips are getting bigger"
  8. Confused. I gave up on all 3 flags due to only ever breaking 100k damage once during the 3rd flag, and then I needed 140K! And now I have all three BBs! From pushing the cruiser line to FIJI? Which somehow got me to buy Warspite. Now I have 2XBrit ending 31.12
  9. Aeek

    Worse ship in the game?

    Graf Zepplin
  10. Aeek

    any aussies playing?

    course not
  11. Aeek

    RN BBs missions week 2, why no Coop?

    Of course the chance of my getting 100k damage in one battle makes it all pointless. Is that lower on other servers?
  12. OP give up or strive to get better, Even a klutz like me can get better. That said, a player can be really bad at execution but really aware of what they SHOULD be doing.
  13. and doesn't matter anyway, expect 50% WR over time. That I am 46% is entirely me, being the only common factor.
  14. The Yamamoto campaign, and especially the British BB flag mission being one off, are screwing with peoples priorities. People are not always focussed on winning.