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  1. Not sure if the Devs actually care/read these posts/play the game, but EVERYONE knows the current matchmaking system is total trash and seems like it should be a damn easy fix. 1. Carriers should ALWAYS be equal. Period. 0-0, 1-1, 2-2. I just played a game as a tier IV carrier vs a tier VI and a tier V. Can anyone guess what happened? Spoiler: All my planes got demolished. My upgraded IJN fighters went against the USN squad and didn't even drop a single one trying to defend my torpedo bombers. SO FUN! 2. Tier range needs to be tightened. The randomness can completely destroy the balance in a match depending what ships your team has as higher vs as the lower. Should be +- 1 tier, that's it. No reason not to be, there are plenty of games/players at least at this point in time (until they all get tired of the broken BS that isn't getting addressed). 3. Some kind of measure to prevent divisions from bringing in much lower tier members. Nothing like seeing some POS tier 1 on my team while I'm in my tier V ship. Cmon guys. It isn't that hard. Oh, and all the fanbois can just not even bother with the "but it's just beta" garbage. We all know this is a soft release as there will be no wipes. The beta tag is just a crappy excuse to fall back on if there are any issues and is not a good reason not to fix the current ones that are crushing the enjoyment of playing this game. The lack of feedback and info from the devs is a problem as well. Perhaps they are already working on these things, but they choose not to bother mentioning it like a professional company would/should. Thanks. PS, Fix the damn blue line exploit sometime this year? kthx
  2. Marhault

    The Kawachi is total garbage!

    Oh I don't expect amazing AA in low tier...but I also don't expect to be thrown up against T6 carriers if that is the case! This isn't my first rodeo. I have played the USN tree up further, but wanted to try out JIN mostly for the carriers and destroyers. But this shit pile is standing in the way. Even though it is a "short" grind, still looking at 8400 exp just for the Myogi research. Most games seem to net around 300-400 exp. 20-25 games as this clunker sounds exhausting. Saying it is open beta is NO excuse for matchmaking fails. It is literally as easy as a simple change in the code that decides the match. They either don't WANT to change it, or have the worst programmers in history...I am starting to think they are okay with it which detracts from the game as a whole when you have little faith in the developers. Yeah I know it is low tier, but ffs the same tier DESTROYER has a longer range. As well as the cruiser. I mean, seriously think about that. Play to it's strengths? Torpedo bait? Target practice? I don't know. It is things like this that make me wonder about the quality of the game as a whole. Literally someone (or a team) decided this was a good idea at some point. Yeah, it's a business. I was just about to go premium and get a stack of dubloons or whatever they are, but now I am not so sure.
  3. Dear Devs, Why the hell is this piece of garbage ship even in the game? It is not fun to play. You MUST play it to progress into a usable Battleship THEN go to the carrier. 8.9km Base cannon range??? Same as a destroyer, but slow, clunky, NO AA! How are we meant to gain exp to get past this garbage ship when we get sank by other ships before even GETTING IN RANGE TO FIRE????? Not to mention the inherently crappy matchmaking system putting me up vs Tier 6? Seriously?? Is this your ploy to get people to spend more money to convert exp? Jerks.