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  1. Kaneko3003

    BigWorldClient script Critical error.

    Never thought about that. And done it, It seems like the launcher missed to download some updates. Anyway thanks. The game is working properly now.
  2. Application D:/Games/World of Warships/WorldOfWarships.exe crashed 05.16.2017 at 00:59:49 Message: App::init: BigWorldClientScript::init() failed! System info: OS Name: OS Version: 0.0 OS Architecture: Memory info: Virtual memory: 686432Kb/4194176Kb (17%) Working set (process physical memory): 436540Kb/2095224Kb (20%) Commit charge (working set + process page file usage): 499004Kb/4194176Kb (11%) Global physical memory: 1809348Kb/2095224Kb (86%) Global commitable memory (physical + pagefile): 2359112Kb/8380536Kb (29%) This is what i see everytime after i press play in the launcher though it won't appear for a few seconds cause the .exe boots up then after a few seconds i see that. So far i know it's probably a problem to memory cache of some sort and this never happen before the new update. Did a restart still the same. Launched in Safe mode still the same run as an administrator still the same. So can someone enlightened me on what's happening exactly?
  3. Kaneko3003

    Typhoon or Thunderstorm?

    Well..if stuff bobbing around then likely everyone is on an disadvantage. .-. i also think about whirlpools
  4. Kaneko3003

    3/1/1 Ryujo is fun. so why the hate?

    In the end AS has its pro's and cons and Strike has some also.
  5. Kaneko3003

    Everyone on this goddamn server is such a coward

    I only had like 4 or 3 perfect plays and those 4 battles out of my 300+ battles were the best.
  6. +1-1 I just remembered where a Saipan just wiped out my fighter squad for like 8 seconds more or less then after that out of planes.
  7. Not gonna happen. Anyway some KM BB's has a very good AA stats and if i was in one of this matches with 3 of those and some cleaveland and Atlanta well shit i think i'll run out of planes sooner or later (And at least i did support the team even the whole thing is just going down.
  8. Kaneko3003

    3/1/1 Ryujo is fun. so why the hate?

    Well..both counter-parts are important .. AS Loadouts prevents Strike CV's while fighting also with other AS CV's Strike CV's can prevent AS CV's on some cases also Strike CV's deals enough damage and pretty much their job is kill the stragglers and change the focus of the captains. how? Well if you played quite long enough you might notice some captains just focuses on dodging torps but in the end gets sunk or gets 1/2 of their life gone by artillery fire that is pretty much their job and kill AS CVs same thing with Strike CV to Strike CV you get what i mean.
  9. Kaneko3003

    Typhoon or Thunderstorm?

    Strike CV and DD's heaven but nope it's unbalanced cause if that happens BB's are almost useless on this kind of weathers to adding the fact that CV's have longer time to launch planes or can't launch plane till the storm subsides. But still i like that but unbalanced.
  10. Kaneko3003

    Ideal Aircraft Carrier Control Scheme(s)?

    You can touch some stuff on the controls section see if you can find controls that corresponds to whatever is it and also you can't disable it and you don't have to click quickly :V
  11. Kaneko3003

    About Carrier and Carrier Players... (RANT)

    More like people don't like CVs at all
  12. Kaneko3003

    Help with Aircraft carriers

    "Strafe the most annoying but beautiful feature on CVs"
  13. Kaneko3003


    German BBs are already in the game but can't be used by normal players only testers are allowed to use it. Since then you have to wait at least you wont wait for a long time for 1.7GB models to download.
  14. Kaneko3003

    Learning CV

    2vs2 carrier match always try to support your fellow CV cause a loss of 1 carrier would usually means end of the match.
  15. Kaneko3003

    Battleships............why bother

    "I one-salvo an cruiser before with full health using Myogi"