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  1. WeiKiat

    How to citadel germans

    As everyone know,those German BB has extremely annoying turtleback armor makes them unable to be citadeled at short distance,but their armor seems to have weak spot because I have experienced hitting the citadel with only 203 gun at long range.I used the training room and hit F.Der and G.Kur with North Carolina gun from 12km/15km/18km and 3 different directions separately,even all the ship was sunk I never saw a single citadel hit. So anybody know how to citadel those German ship? I really appreciate your teaching!!
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  3. M的優點,T10BB裡DPS最高,齊射傷害和420的GK一樣,DCP全場最久(20秒),T10BB里HE效率最高,容易IS對方,船寬最低 缺點,裝甲區在水上(近距離露腹必死),主砲精準性較差,平均裝甲較差 Y的優點,唯一可以BP戰艦的船,魚雷防護不錯,主砲精準性極佳,射程最遠 缺點,裝甲區在水上,主砲轉速極慢(無法應對突發狀況),船體較寬(非常容易被HE打中),非常怕火(DCP只有10秒) GK的優點,TurtleBack裝甲設計(近距離無法被打中裝甲區),不會被Yamato BP,血量最高,幾乎不會被152mm以下的砲打傷,主砲彈速最高,副砲效率極高,可以使用水偵 缺點,船體最長最寬,主砲射程較短,轉彎距離要1km多,420主砲射速較慢,大約7~8顆島風20km魚雷就可以擊沈滿血GK 用Yamato和Montana對抗GK難免會有點不利但GK都被島風和zao愛死的,所以不一定要用AP,也可以用HE燒它,如果一個火它就滅掉,那麼你隊友的zao就好辦事了,同時如果這個時候被魚雷擊中,就很可能這樣被淹死了。
  4. WeiKiat

    Yamato aim

    ya indeed her gun just too big,sometimes if u hit cruiser or lightly armored battleship at point blank range with that big gun,definitely the shell will overpens.btw you can still shoot the water(lower than the main belt armor) to prevent overpens,if u are lucky enough,u might get the citadel.Here is another useful tip for Yamato,if u are 1v1 bow in with another BB or ca(not German) with high raised citadel ,u can actually penetrate the athwartship and hit the citadel from bow,just shoot the water line close to turret that are sharply angled.
  5. WeiKiat

    fubuki 201,818 damage...

    You must pay a compliment to the ship who suffered the heavy flooding damage for you
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  7. WeiKiat

    I will now complain about USN CA AP

    Btw Baltimore really need some improvement, despite she have powerful AP, hers accuracy and shell speed are too bad.Fighting at a range 14~16km almost cant hit good manuvrable ship.sometimes even myoko could rival her if he hide citidel carefully, just burn it with HE,baltimore has large superstructure,those are extremely vulnerable to HE.
  8. WeiKiat


    以我的經驗,贏了三四場或是最近贏比較多時就會有這種情況。我也是用8階,一直被帶到十階。大概是系統為了平衡win rate動得手腳吧。打久就會習慣的,加油吧!
  9. WeiKiat

    Hopeless matchmaking

    I am using New Orleans and i always meet tier X with over 2 yamato/montana and my team always dont have a single Tier X BB, someone please teach me how to play -_- It is like 70% of the match meet tier X,especially i am using stock ship. WG should match all ship with same tier and not match tier 8 to a tier 10 battle for giving enemy extra XP
  10. WeiKiat

    Achievement bugs 5.3

    Dreadnought achievement can only receive once per day? I mean the achievement,not the signal flags i used my roon and receive my first dreadnought,after that I can't receive anymore,even I had been survived with 400 hp and full used repair parties,I am sure I had been taken fire from more than 4 ships.But after 24 hours I can receive it easily.i failed to screenshot that.Does anyone know about this?
  11. WeiKiat


    剛買的roon玩了幾場,每次遇到zao一輪打我5000多,然後我用ap打他不是打不中就是被彈開,就算它打橫在我面前也可以馬上彎走。射程又比我遠還可以開隱身炮。最後roon本身轉舵稍慢,船體稍長,對面只要有一兩個島風就算升了魚雷發現技能也很難閃更何況現在有了魚雷加速技能。 希望各位前輩可以教一教。
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  13. I saw many cv driver,most of them using manuel torps,a skillful player dropping the torpedoes,it is almost impossible to dodge,espeacially low maneuverable ships. For a battleship 1st salvo, flooding or engine down, and u have to repair or u gonna hit by enemy bb,then second salvo engine down again or bombers will set fire on you,finally you died.High tier japan cv having approximate 5 squadrons bombers,this not only a serious theat for battleship,also destroyer,they use fighter follow dd and spot long range torp very early.So here i have some suggestions, 1st increase the air drop torpedoes fuze action time but increase the torpedoes's damage ,so bb have some chance to dodge it.2nd, add fuel system to planes,when fuel run out the planes are forced to reture to ship,this can prevent a fighter squadron follow the dd whole the game.