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  1. Kleiss

    Thanks WOWS

    the compensation is massive, alot more than usual for something as minor as dc for a couple of hours and hence u should be grateful u <content removed> Insults. Post Edited. User Warned ~ADM_dude
  2. Kleiss

    Kutuzov needs radar, not sonar

    >kutuzov >needs radar >dd hunting i dont really know how stupid people can get, but at least now i have a rough idea lmao
  3. R7 here...it's really boring...
  4. Kleiss

    Still loosing stars at rank 11

    10 is where you will stabilize. good luck
  5. Kleiss

    Rant - Being blamed for others lack of awareness

    if anything, just say "my rudder is jammed" works like a charm huehuehue
  6. Kleiss

    British cruisers are garbage

    on the contrary rn cruisers are really strong now
  7. Marketing strategy. RN line seems to generate most hype after usn line, so they need a good line along with premium and cash ourchases to pay their coders, modeller, engineers, utility bills, designers etc. Every company's goal is to make the most of every content they produce, and one of the ways is generating hype to milk to whales and keep people playing and waiting. Imagine if they released everything one after another within a short timespan. How are they going to survive in the long term? Given how much people are hyped for the RN line it is only natural for them to delay its production and release date.
  8. Kleiss

    The Myth of CV

    Tried cv in langley First match tiered against AS bogue and player is unicum Stopped playing cv
  9. Just because flamu did it once doesnt mean yall should ya know. This thing eats cits from 11km distance bow on to gneis. If u want to play a good cruiser go with the arps (yes coz I aint grinding the aoba, no drakon u cannot make me) or maybe a fiji. Much more useful than a paper ship that sacrifices everyone's smoke to be a myoko.
  10. Kleiss

    Mutsu accuracy problem

    >not giving higher detonation chance >not fun and engaging enough to play
  11. Kleiss

    Best tier 10 cruiser

    the grind to it is pretty brutal but yes it is worth
  12. Kleiss

    Mutsu accuracy problem

    Fun fact, mikasa is more accurate than fuso, arkansas, wyoming and new mex. It is as accurate as the mutsu.
  13. Kleiss

    Mutsu accuracy problem

    ability to overmatch everything at tier 6 isnt good enough? wait what? u guys expect too much of it man. Poor MM aside it is a tier SIX wg battlecruiser configuration (not much armor hence faster) and not some tier 7 powerhouse. It is also the only higher tier ijn battleship premium. Dont get spoilt by the tier 7s and use them as reference. Yes she has poor mm, but she is a tier SIX.
  14. Kleiss

    Plans for 2017?

    Pan asia tree will just copy from other lines since it is what China does best, heh /bail