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  1. Adorable_Llama

    The Radar Khaba is here! (Ragnar vid)

    Correct! Check your inbox.
  2. Adorable_Llama

    The Radar Khaba is here! (Ragnar vid)

    On top of the CC container code hidden in the video itself, if you can be the first to answer the following question correctly by replying to this comment, you'll also recieve a CC camo code! Question: What were the names of the two Coastal Defence ships Finland had at the start of the Winter War (1939-1940)?
  3. Gun Feeder only switches shell types provided all barrels are loaded. The second part of your answer is correct however, a DM/Salem with Halsey, Reload mod, and Top Grade Gunner is capable of achieving a sub 3s reload on the 203mm weapon system. There actually *was* a dual answer to this question, and that's with the St Louis. Whilst not quite on the level of DM because of Halsey, with reload booster activated you can get it down to about 3.1 seconds. Anyway, congrats on your code! Check your inbox.
  4. If a code doesn't work, it means someone has already claimed it. Better luck next time. There'll be more opportunities soon!
  5. None of these are correct. Azazel's has been the closest. I'll give a hint. You're all forgetting a captain skill.
  6. It's a completely made up name because the ship is not based on anything historical. an A-B 2x3 would have been interesting but would probably look really weird as the Americans really do like their superfiring turrets even going back before WW1.
  7. There are two codes hidden in the video (a CC container and camo code). See if you can spot them all! In addition, if you can answer the following question and reply it to this comment, you can win another camo code! (First person to get the correct answer wins the code) What's the theoretical fastest reload achievable by 203mm weapons in this game?
  8. Adorable_Llama

    Should you buy the Napoli? A Guide in 60 Seconds

    There are definitely better ships in the armory to buy, but it is pretty fun. It also doesn't get the SC burn times which is nice.
  9. Adorable_Llama

    Replay bug

    Camera in replays can no longer be unlocked since latest patch. Multiple clients have been tested. Bug verified by other players. WeeGee pls fix. This feature may not be used by many in the playerbase, but is critical for us content creators to keep making shit about your game. That is all.
  10. Adorable_Llama

    Logistic Llama: Guides, Gameplay and Subtitled Highlights

    Dealing with citadel overpens using Trigonometry!