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  1. Here I am having the same issue since the last update patch. The launch of replays stuck in logging screen. The reason is clear, WG bugged on it again.
  2. like me , i have 17 15 15 japan, and one 15 for german , british ,soviet and us I used to share captain to all ships in same nation. Obviously i cant now. Know what i am saying?
  3. So, after new skill tree release, skills become more specific. Thanks for the position similairty, same types of vessels in single nation can easily share one captain. However,the blessing was a history to new patch 0.6.0 new skill tree specific skill tech encourage tailor made captain for different vessels even in same nations now. Redistribute captain point becomes frequent which take more doubloons for skill resets. Players like me , avg players dont have time to train too much captain, especially new skill tree lengthen the grinding time in order to secure the relative advantage among others. Is it too greedy to ask for skill redistribution cheaper for long run?
  4. zombiesforce

    WG Aisa owes us a Exp convert discount for a long time

    If you guys feel ridiculous to the context "owes", fine, i should say, where's the convert exp discount that should offer long time ago consistent to other servers
  5. zombiesforce

    WG Aisa owes us a Exp convert discount for a long time

    And I am not ranting at WG, WG ASIA exclusively] ALL missions WG ASIA offer are flags reward, 100,000 credits missions, it is nothing to me. I played a round earn more than those rewards( which usually takes you 3-4 rounds to accomplish
  6. zombiesforce

    WG Aisa owes us a Exp convert discount for a long time

    There's no such a FREE to PLAY game, you ve played this game for a long time , time you spent is not free, and most importantly, you are lured to buy premiums after you feel so powerless against premium ships
  7. zombiesforce

    Free xp Calculator?

    divided by 25, is the total doubloon you will need, go check how much currency/ doubloon depends on your payment location
  8. WG Aisa owes us a Exp convert discount for a long time. I ve been waiting for next 35 exp convert discount for over 4 months commenced from August. I planned to direct jump a moskva out with free exp from zero to 800000 convertible exp. I have only few million credits and around 100000 convertible exp at that time Guess what, till now didnt see any kind of this discount, which has been offered twice or third at the same given period in other server. Now I have 113,582,887 credits and 2,815,922 convertible exp remained unused, just for discount awaits. I ve been waiting for almost half a year running out of patience. WG ASIA, WHERE'S the 25->35 Discounts Red text. Post edited, user warned. ~amade
  9. zombiesforce

    where's the takao battle voice?

    no answers?
  10. zombiesforce

    where's the takao battle voice?

    all the ships with takao battle voice
  11. zombiesforce

    where's the takao battle voice?

    yup,other ships
  12. Since i got that tsundere takao, i set her as battle voice but somehow i no longer find that in settings. Why?
  13. zombiesforce

    Yamato guns .

    Go play yamato yourself, it is not that OP as u think
  14. zombiesforce

    Stop blaming the CV players

    I am not showing my stace in this post with your simple statements. CV is unicum oriented, not for avg players. The responsibilities of the game holds on CVs players hand, if something goes wrong , or noobed , or just avg.performance, the game has halfly lost. Thats the position of cvs. I HATE to play CVs matches, every CV matches is betting and gambling Rather MM give me a Unicum CV player. A little advise to host, if you are not carrying the whole game and then mourn somebody punch your face, u should not play CV at all. CV is design for super-unicum only. Yet, if you carry all the time at secure 1st in all round like some unicum did, yeah, I support u.
  15. zombiesforce

    Kagero is a Good Girl

    OH!!KaMiKaZe style Works in IJN DD line. WG consider it and design the position for it…OH now i realize that. I watch the WTR damn,stein is op plz nerf. Then i almost overlook the survivial% ,14%