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  1. I have made 3 accounts, different emails an every single time even with VPN it forces me back here.... Are Aussies IP blocked to USA?... I find that hard to believe....
  2. The server is just full of these [content removed] who do nothing all day but ram you an tk you endlessly... doesn't seem to matter how many times you kill these [content removed] they just keep doing it. been looking through the support site but not found anything yet. Derogatory. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  3. Fragkat

    Sunk by 1 torpedo from 100% health in BB

    Kongo did that today to me in my Cleavland. 1 shell instant kill from full... happens
  4. Fragkat

    One day 7 reports is not enough

    wait, you report people for "playing poorly" HAHA sorry man but that is straight out of schoolyard. Who gives a damn if someone isn't a good player. come on, seriously.....
  5. cheers all done. EnochIsHere
  6. Apex harpoon an his little friends like to "attempt" to put you down if they see a chance to troll. I would just laugh if I didn't see them as a little sad. If I new how to block them I would do so. so now I jsut ignore them. seems to be they are only 2-3 trolls thankfully.
  7. Fragkat

    Going Pink

    yer it seems to be on Asia servers mostly. I am over it now. I no longer care, so when they do it. I sink therm on sight. I dont care. If I see them again, I will sink them again till they get the bloody idea. if they refuse to, I will continue to sink them till they get a clue. Now I am pissed off its open season on the griefers.
  8. Fragkat

    Going Pink

    Actually that is quite wide spread on Asia server, I have had people deliberately turn into my torps an go into full stop so I sink them. its so they can get free creds an no repair i think. once is an accident 5 times is deliberate everyone of them/. itsa same as DD's who ram you deliberatly then abuse you for not getting out their way in your BB....
  9. wow its amazing how a few people here do nothing but childishly insult you. Gets quite boring after a while. an very infantile. As for others responses, cheers lads, I might get the Atlanta an give it a good go. I loved my Aoba, an am addicted to my Cleveland. Though I am a little over this whole thing where I never get CV's in game if I go for the Cleave....
  10. isnt the Atlanta crap though? an yes I do tend towards more DD play
  11. hmm, so I should wait i spose...By the looks of how idiotic the prices are on ships I assume this new one will be 50-60-70$ as well ??..
  12. yer, I wanna boost my Captains up for T8-9-10 an for exp to buy the last few ships.
  13. isnt a T2 useless for grinding ?>
  14. No, I was saying I was after a USN DD premium. But they dont have one. SO I am after something to grind with for my USN captains.