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  1. BladeGrip

    battle mechanics of scenario Defense of Naval Base

    As of now, Newport is pretty much the hardest of the 4 scenarios thanks to the tier difference of enemies and the significant random factors involved in this scenario. Let's compare. Aegis: The composition of the vanguard squads and the convoy guard (You probably will have a bad time if the first vanguard has 2 zuchis and 2 poi botes) The starting position of the hosho and zuiho (Just a bit so doesn't matter much) Killer Whale: The Kolberg coming from north will either take outer route or inner route (Choosing inner route makes it enter 'haven' if it's alive long enough) Raptor: The second wave will come from either north or south Newport: The spawn point of the first 3 waves (Significantly affects your positioning) The spawn point of the allied Lex (If your team is too far away it's pretty much already dead) In addition, Newport's difficulty snowballs significantly if you don't do well. If you fail to prevent enemies from coming close to base, the big wave starts immediately and the Izumo is replaced by Hiryu, which is arguably harder to deal with. Also, the allied CV won't come. If you do well enough to trigger the Allied Lex coming, failing to protect it leaves you having to deal with the big wave without the help of that Lex. Strike loadout Lex is a pretty big helping hand. I really want to say that Newport at its current state should be the Hard mode already. Or at least, making the spawn point of the Lex known to the players from the beginning should already be a huge help.
  2. BladeGrip

    Killer whale haven

    As far as I can see, there's no visible boundary. But it seems to mean somewhere inside the giant circle of ground. So just try to prevent the newer enemies from coming close enough to the (devastated) base.
  3. I got the "fiery thumbs-up" medal, which is appropriately named "I'll Be Back". My guess on the requirement is to die during the several seconds period between the message of primary task being successful and the game actually bringing you to the victory screen. Alternatively, it might be to kill an enemy during that period because I happened to also kill an enemy with my dying salvo.
  4. BladeGrip

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    And here I am wondering what Indonesian ship will be inserted into this game. The only old Indonesian warship I know is pretty much a gunless DD with only 4 torpedo tubes.
  5. To add to the list: Can't accept campaign task unless I pixel-hunt the clickable spots. CV controls unresponsive if I click too close to the bottom of the screen (Like, bottom 25% of the screen)