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  1. Hello, I had purchased the "Vive la France! x 20" from Premium shop a day prior, and was trying to purchase more of this item today. I paid the first attempt, but nothing happened. I did not receive confirmation Email, nor receive any boxes in game. I did the second attempt, still nothing happened. Both charges went through by Alipay I checked my banking system, the two purchase were charged from my account Now, I wonder if you can help on checking both transaction ( I did not receive any confirmation letter, so I do not have trade IDs). If you had found out the issue, please REFUND ONE purchase and send me only ONE set of Vive la France! x 20. Thank you very much!
  2. taoransk

    FF and PVE Bug

    Anyone please?
  3. taoransk

    FF and PVE Bug

    Hello, I was accidently having FF, and was having 1 play left to remove the pink effect. I opened a regular PVE game, with my Lv 2 BB charging towards enemy Then when I made damage to enemy computer side ship, I was calculated as hitting friendly ships I killed myself by suffering loss of HP due to my own gun fire to enemy. Please check the replay 20180102_002052_PJSB011-Mikasa-1905_34_OC_islands.wowsreplay
  4. Dear officers: I wish you all had a wonderful holiday on Christmas and New Year! As an old faithful newbie player, I had been purchasing Premium Ships for long, and had almost collected every available ship in my time. Many of the ships were purchased with bonus EXP Challenge Mission (20 or so for each), and I still have around 15 (approximately?) different ship with nearly full charges of the bonus missions in my Quest log. Today, December 31 of Beijing Time, I realized that all of such missions had been cleared out. The only one I have in Challenge Section is the "New Year, New Start". I am not sure if it is an intended wipe-out, but it clearly sabotages the buyer's interest, as we paid for the bonus EXP missions! Please verify the issue and if possible, please see if I can recover the missed quests. Sincerely Ran
  5. Hello, I was trying to complete the Die-Hard achievement, which requires you to ram and destroy an enemy vessel while you survive. During my last game, I did ram and destroy a Chikuma and survived until the end of the game. Somehow the achievement did not count. At the end game summary, it shows that I did cause 552 dmg to the Chikuma through ramming. That is the only damage that I caused to it. However, there is a 1/0 on leaking dmg. I am not sure if this is the bug place. Is it because it died based on the leaking 1 dmg? If so, this is really an error worthy to report. I am having problem on clearing my global upload quota so that my replay cannot be attached, I can provide for review upon request. Please advise if there had been any error. Sincerely taoransk Screenshots are at here
  6. Hello, I was working on the latest quests chain (500 ribbon, 3000 exp, 200K dmg for each nation), but after I had completed all three parts for some nation, the final quest will not complete by itself. My German quest was finished, but INJ and USA one last still. I am working on UK and Russia one PS. can anyone tell me if there is a direct bug report to the game back stage? PS2. Thank You All! Quests completed when playing an extra game!