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  1. Fortgas_Sabo

    Fix MM please

    Hi captains, this morning I had a match like this, and guess what? Our DDs can't do anything, they have 3 radar CAs and a division with 2 radar BBs, and how much we have? Only 1 radar CL. I really wonder how MM system work and how it give us this kind of team.
  2. Fortgas_Sabo

    Potato server broken again.

    Me I I have just had an epic loss anyway
  3. Fortgas_Sabo

    ASIA Q&A, round 2

    Hi Sub, I have a question. -Does WG have any plan to buff AP on Germany CA and their survivability? If there you have, how is it going on?
  4. Fortgas_Sabo

    IJN cv vs USS cv?

    USN CVs is better for newcomers, IJN CVs is somewhat very hard to play
  5. Fortgas_Sabo

    DD Joke

    Đi đi not "didi" <(")
  6. Fortgas_Sabo

    ASIA Q&A, round 1

    -What do you feel about Germany AP on CA ? I feel it really need a buff at penetration because the strength of Germany CA is AP but thier AP just too weak. -About Hindenburg, do you feel that it need a buff in maneuverability or concealment? It have the worst maneuverability among all tier 10 cruiser and the concealment is second worst. If use upgrade maneuverability than concealment will be high like a BB and if use concealment upgrade will make it very hard to dodge shells. -Does the chance of getting super container is equal between players ? I know a guy who get SP almost very month and last month he gets 3 SC in one week since the container feature was introduced, I open 2 containers almost everyday and I only get 3 SC till now , 3/~420 container -_- so unfair. Can anything be changed for that ?
  7. Fortgas_Sabo

    JP DD 0.6.4

    Agree with you. IJN DD strength is in torpedo and stealth, but USN DD do have the same detecbility as IJN ones and IJN torp have detecbility high as <content removed> making using it is hopeless. So what can a IJN DD do now? Running around and spot enemy while dropping torps and pray for it to hit at least a single one? Profanity. Post Edited. User Warned ~ADM_dude
  8. Fortgas_Sabo

    Next April Fool

    Pirates of the Caribbean mode
  9. Fortgas_Sabo

    German Cruiser's Performance / Buff (Poll)

    This guy has a great idea
  10. Dear WG, I don't know how your parameter about the amount of player is, but I know one thing that many old player of the game is now leaving the game, it because of the distortion in game meta, I used to play in a game where there was a division with a Gearing, a Des Moines and a Minotaur in enemy team and that was a disaster, Gearing use smoke for DM and Mino, when the smoke faded out Minotaur use his smoke, when our DDs come close to drop torpedo, DM use radar, they just sit there and farm damage. There are so much radar/sonar in high tier games, this doesn't effects RU DD, German DD or USN DD so much because of their playstyle but it effects IJN DD very much, they don't want to cap or get close to drop torps which lead to the risk of being spotted by radar and get rekt, their torps so slow, detection range so big => easy to dodge, those torps can be used are so close, they have to come close => spotted by radar. There are much more problem with the game nowaday compare to old days when there was IJN and USN lines. WG please stop giving new ship line, focus on what players of all server really think about the game, if the current situation won't be solved, the game is so end.
  11. Fortgas_Sabo

    Update 0.6.3 General Feedback

    I'm unable to exit afier battle post, I've already tried to use ESC or click close and "back to port", nothing happened. Also, I can't use TAB to see team score panel
  12. Fortgas_Sabo

    Germany CA and DD AP

    I get it from a leaker, Henri IV is the upcoming tier 10 France CA
  13. Fortgas_Sabo

    Germany CA and DD AP

    Hi captains, I think everyone here have already known that Germany CAs and DDs are good at AP right? But that not the true, their AP only good at alpha damage. They have the worst AP penetration among all other CA/CL lines. Why a AP-concentrated line have the worst AP penetration? There was a time that a Hipper can citadel an Amagi at 15km but now, your shell will be shattered even if he full broadside. They really need a buff in AP, AP not HE please, NOT HE. Here is AP penetration of tier 10 cruisers (UK AP hace different mechanic so it not included)
  14. Fortgas_Sabo

    Bismarck: Full Secondary build still worth it?

    I get aiming on all of my Germany BBs cause main guns still the damage maker, other hand secondary which firing HE can't pen ships with thick armor and it will be shattered causing no damage. Otherwise, I'll get IFHE for my german captain. Here's the build I'm following
  15. Fubuki has 7km detecbility and Hatsuharu has 6.7km, if u use speed boost then the range willl be reduced to 8km so u can't drop torps and run away without be seen, and a detected Fubuki or Hatsuharu is a lovely target for everyone