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    Bug report about Aircraft Carrier

    I started a match just now using Ryujo, I tried to launch my planes after the match begins, and I find no planes get launched. When I press on my keyboard, I can see the key pressed in the game, but nothing happens after that. For example I press 2 in order to select the fighters, in the game shows I exactly pressed 2 and no plane selected. And then I tried to select it with mouse. I successfully selected it and then failed in launching it. Also I find it's impossable to move my ship with keyboard. Following link is what happend in the game. http://puu.sh/pg6ri/6cef02e346.flv I think it's a serious issue so I posted it also in Chinese fourum. Staffs should pay much attention to it. Thanks.
  2. 02_Darling


    就在剛剛我進行了一場用日系空母龍驤的比賽,比賽開始后我發現所有按鍵全部失靈,鍵盤上的按鍵反映到遊戲中就是有反映,但是並沒有達成相關操作,同時我嘗試完全使用滑鼠進行遊戲,結果是只能選定飛機機組而不能將其派出,另外對於戰艦本身的操縱也是無法進行,只能通過設置路徑點來進行戰艦的移動。 下面的鏈接是我錄製的視頻,清晰度有些低還請工作人員進行確認,謝謝。 http://puu.sh/pg6ri/6cef02e346.flv
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    http://puu.sh/ldvv1/07824b3d7f.jpg更新了0.5.1版本之后,第一次进入Ocean这张地图的时候,我吓傻了。因为,此时的地图是这样的 重新安装游戏仍然这样,不知道