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  1. Ranked XP

    BB.Battleplan a) plot course away from objective. b) await DD to spot. c) pick juiciest target. d) await DD cap c) pick juiciest target. d) ignore DD calling for support in contested cap e) watch DD die f) pick juiciest target. g) call DD noob. h) collect XP star.
  2. Ranked XP

    Classic example of a comment from a BB Capt in chat was.., "Lets just wait..." Wait for what ? DD and CA too cap and spot so you can sit back sip your Red Bull and farm. Play the objective or go back to co-op,, pfft !!
  3. Ranked XP

    Yup, Highly frustrating.
  4. Never thought I would say this but.... Outstanding work drakon233. I believe you have accurately expressed the opinion of the majority of players with regards to the structure of CB. Great read, couldn't fault it. Let us hope it does not fall on deaf ears.
  5. way too much divisions

    Join a clan and Div up!! Skills learned and shared amoung your playing group improves your gameplay no end. Not to mention those clan base perks !! Its like friends with benefits. The more divs the better I say. Cuts down the selfish non team supporting farmers out there ...
  6. how to reach rank 1?

    Ranked Battles resembles "The Last Lager Waltz" ie: one step forward and two steps back !!!!
  7. Well said Ordrazz... Well said !!!
  8. We Love Dasha Perova

    Of course I do understand some just exist to criticise others.
  9. We Love Dasha Perova

    I know I'm not the only one that appreciates the beauty of this young lady. Please join me in an Ode to DASHA PEROVA
  10. ASIA homepage/portal lazy update

    Hohum ... lost opportunity, just dreaming of the wows lotto life
  11. ASIA homepage/portal lazy update

    OMG... Did those who got stuff get to keep it ??
  12. Time for a Oceana Sever

    So.... Is this number of 1500 Aussies acurate ?? What are the numbers for AU NZ & Tassie combined ?? Anyone ??