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  1. _DuxNutz_

    Allied vs.Axis : 1000 battles for 1 credit ?

    Ahh, I see. Thanks for the heads up
  2. Not for me to whinge..... however, does this seems a lot of effort for a minimal reward? Also, stage five of the Twitch " Fight with us: Week 1 & 2" appear locked also,
  3. _DuxNutz_

    New to Streaming - Goof_20

    No worries 😉
  4. _DuxNutz_

    NTC rework was a trap

    This concept of a regrind that can take players months or even years to complete was optimistic on WG's part. Despite the popularity of WOWS , I can't see me playing it in another couple of years. I am sure there will be a bigger and better Naval battle MMO just around the corner (anyone remember NavyField ?). Clearly the player base is already on the downward spiral. Wait times for low tier random battles are getting longer, and suggests a lack of newbies. I get the feeling the writing is on the wall as the player base reduces, so for those diehard fans WG says "Show me the money" "We can't indefinitely polish this turd" .
  5. _DuxNutz_

    Where are today's DAILY MISSIONS ?

    i went back after my post and... Wala !!. Yea 1/4 is correct .. cheers Gombee
  6. I have 19 of 20 missions for the Camouflage for Błyskawica. No combat missions are appearing today. Or am I missing something?
  7. _DuxNutz_

    Well that's some Fair Dinkum BS right there...

    Stone The Crows !!!
  8. _DuxNutz_

    TYTY10KINSTAGRAM - Redeem it Fast

  9. _DuxNutz_

    [CODE] The UK code seems to work for us.

    So what did the code do anyway ??
  10. _DuxNutz_

    What's Russian for "John Doe"?

    My money is on, "Uri Puckerov"
  11. _DuxNutz_

    Stop abusing DD's

    And I apologize for my itchy trigger finger. At least now DDs can achieve spotting ribbons to the sound of a shell hit. So what's that about ?
  12. _DuxNutz_

    Stop abusing DD's

  13. _DuxNutz_

    Well done WG

    I accept you challenge !! Prepare to poo your pants.. Torpedos Locked and loaded.. Muhahahaha !!!
  14. _DuxNutz_

    what a ripoff

    I bet you will....
  15. _DuxNutz_

    Spotting Ribbons

    VIVA LA DD !! If WG can see the past unacknowledged contribution of DDs to the battle. Then its high time you give them the support in battle they deserve. Duxy Over and Out !!