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  1. spz_invader

    t2 and t4 commander skill for zao

    all right thank you for your advice dude,i will try it
  2. spz_invader

    t2 and t4 commander skill for zao

    aft instead survi expert?
  3. after 0.5.3 patch and wg decided to change skill commander a lot and give free reset i'm totally confuse what to take for t2 and t4 skill for my zao t2 =expert maksman or last stand? t4 = demo expert or survival expert?
  4. spz_invader

    cv torps get nerfed?

    hey guys i just wondering did cv torps get nerfed?i already know that dev nerf torps speed buat after the 0.5.1 it's so hard to get flood from cv torps it's so annoying like get 5 torps hit and no flood at all ,even when i hit my torps on CL it's still no flood this is so annoying