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  1. Quithelion

    内存占用异常/Abnormal memory consumption

    I have only 8GB of memory, and the client constantly running out of memory and crashed each and every time I was about to start a match.
  2. Quithelion

    Spot The Difference

  3. Quithelion

    To Lemming or Not to Lemming?

    Same thing happened in my Thunderer, except I was on the South-South West side. Even with Thunderer's DFAA, I tanked so much I probably lost too much AA and low health enough the CV strike the death blow, despite in the presence of team cruisers who retreated from cap A. The problem is my team, as all potato team is, they always removed themselves from any fight in this map because of abundance of islands. It always devolved into the waiting game of whichever side making the first mistake, i.e. making yourself exposed sooner than your team mates.
  4. Previous 64-bits versions of WoWS have straight forward folder/directory to the game's executable, "root\bin\bin64\WorldOfWarships64.exe". Now there is a new folder in-between, named I assume is build number, thus made the directory became, "root\bin\2666186\bin64\WorldOfWarships64.exe". This is the directory for current PTS version, "root\bin\2698086\bin64\WorldOfWarships64.exe". This messed up Razer Synapse profiles, i.e. WoWS' specific lighting profile and custom keys no longer automatically starts when WoWS is running. If the trend is to continue, that means I have to re-link WoWS in Razer Synapse each and every time WoWS is updated.
  5. Quithelion

    Where can I watch Streams to get KotS Collection?

    There is one tonight at 15:30 CEST, EU vs CIS International. That's 21:30 (+8 GST) and 23:30 (+10 GST).
  6. Same here, grinding Dimitri. Good second line ship for open water kiting because of her 2 rear turrets. Ibuki kite better but with less rear turrets. Won 6 out of 8 matches. Currently with over 22k peak concurrent players, Tier IX ships now rarely getting uptiered, at least for me. Will still see one or two Tier X ships. In current and perpetual meta of passive play, I find open water kiting contributed significantly to team's win, at least what my Ibuki and Dimitri have proven so far.
  7. Quithelion

    Migration server is ON time for you to decide

    Use Aslain's. There is a mod that allow you to switch to NA. Then I just directly launch "*\bin64\WorldOfWarships64.exe". My ping (in SEA) is surprisingly at a comfortable 10Xms. Will login again tonight to check out the population at my peak hours.
  8. Quithelion

    I feel ripped off...

    There's one caveat in spotting you missed: The obvious is you'll gain spotting damage when you're the only ship within the enemy's concealment. But, the moment that enemy fired their guns, any team mate(s) that's within the enemy's gun bloom and have direct visual to the enemy ship, you lost spotting damage. So it only benefits you if the enemy never fire their guns, and all your team mates within their gun range is behind islands or smoke. So you either have an enemy that don't fire at all, or campy team mates that knows how to position themselves, or courageous team mates that'll spot for you unintentionally and allow you to smoke fire.
  9. Quithelion

    Why you do not play midtiers?

    Regarding economics, I have no problem with the earnings from mid tiers as I do pretty well even with full Premium consumables and 22.5k credits camo, and no Premium time. It's actually the events grind that by my own fault I've put myself into that discouraged me to play mid tiers. In the grind to quickly get the events over with, top tier is the best. Also, tiers grind. I find player competency on all tiers are not that different. As for Bureau, WG's objective is encouraging mid tiers yet it'll be no surprise the mid tiers will remain "barren" after a temporary up tick if Bureau comes live and every 3 months per season. The worst could probably be massive influx of bots... because shiny rewards is shiny but can't be arsed to manual re-grind.
  10. Quithelion

    Reasons to quit/have a break

    I stopped playing Randoms because... randoms. My problem with WoWS (Randoms) is that I became frustrated when I had not fun matches. Losing streaks contributed too but not so much as the fun factor. Compounded by the fact that playing WoWS during night time and being frustrated is not a good experience just before bed time. Obviously my concept of "fun" is subjective but I'm pretty sure playing with or against potatoes is not fun. Yes, winning against potatoes is not fun.
  11. Quithelion

    Update 0.8.5 Bug Report Thread

    Patch messed up the audio. Every sounds are muffled. Guns sounded inconsistent. Guns volume is set about a quarter less than the rest but it's the loudest among all sounds. All audio settings are not touched before or after patch
  12. 1. Description Buffalo's one and only (stock) gun module can be sold in Arsenal Inventory. 2. Reproduction steps N/A. 3. Result I dare not try and break my ship by selling the only gun module. 4. Expected result N/A. 5. Technical details
  13. Quithelion

    Audio feedback

    Current 0.8.1 had both port and battle interface audio shared same volume slider. The problem is port interface audio is very soft which I need to max it so I can hear audio feedback when I clicked something. Current WoWS' GUI is very anaemic, so I need the audio feedback to confirm I actually clicked something without waiting the GUI a few seconds to react. The opposite is during battle. It is unnecessary too loud, especially the ship speed control audio feedback. So I need to turn down the volume but that made port interface audio almost non-existent. Unless I turn off the port music. Thus the issue I don't want max interface volume during battle, currently about halfway down the volume slider, but I need max volume in port.
  14. Quithelion

    A tiny improvement to Karma system

    I searched. There were no threads related to what i wanted to suggest. All other karma threads are about full revamp. I made myself pretty sure this thread couldn't possibly invited sarcastic reply. Thank you for your effort in MS Painting and memeing though. What I'm suggesting is a little positive in the current stillborn karma system: In a rare event some one nice enough to give me a compliment, so I would like to return the kindness. I'm guessing WG still keeping the karma system's reportings as a placebo for salty players.