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  1. 1. Description Buffalo's one and only (stock) gun module can be sold in Arsenal Inventory. 2. Reproduction steps N/A. 3. Result I dare not try and break my ship by selling the only gun module. 4. Expected result N/A. 5. Technical details
  2. Quithelion

    Audio feedback

    Current 0.8.1 had both port and battle interface audio shared same volume slider. The problem is port interface audio is very soft which I need to max it so I can hear audio feedback when I clicked something. Current WoWS' GUI is very anaemic, so I need the audio feedback to confirm I actually clicked something without waiting the GUI a few seconds to react. The opposite is during battle. It is unnecessary too loud, especially the ship speed control audio feedback. So I need to turn down the volume but that made port interface audio almost non-existent. Unless I turn off the port music. Thus the issue I don't want max interface volume during battle, currently about halfway down the volume slider, but I need max volume in port.
  3. Quithelion

    A tiny improvement to Karma system

    I searched. There were no threads related to what i wanted to suggest. All other karma threads are about full revamp. I made myself pretty sure this thread couldn't possibly invited sarcastic reply. Thank you for your effort in MS Painting and memeing though. What I'm suggesting is a little positive in the current stillborn karma system: In a rare event some one nice enough to give me a compliment, so I would like to return the kindness. I'm guessing WG still keeping the karma system's reportings as a placebo for salty players.
  4. Quithelion

    A tiny improvement to Karma system

    Obviously WG wants to encourage feels good and discourage feels bad. In the rare events of being given compliments, I too want to return compliment back to the well-wishers. Currently for my return compliment, I try guessing correctly as to whom gave me the first compliments, be it there's (positive) exchange in chats regardless of which team, or a significant assistance I managed to observe (e.g. DD smokes). In fact I returned a compliment to an enemy which I positively gave me one when we knife fought in a rare Tier X CQB. WG should make it known to players who gave them compliments, but still mask who gave reportings. I know the Karma system is a stillborn but let's make positive of what it is now.
  5. Quithelion

    Padding, Clubbing, Scrubbing and Grinding

    My intention or target was up to Tier VI for all ship class and nations, except CV which I don't play at all. The only nations and ship class beyond Tier VI I'm interested going down the line but in no hurry is USN and IJN cruisers. I have in mind to move Steven Seagal down the USN BB line, but I wanted him on New Mexico forever. I could buy Colorado but doesn't seems will be happening. I rarely play on lower tiers even though I still kept some favourite low tiers ships. Except today. For first time ever, I used Svietlana (I grinded through Co-op) to purposefully seal club to complete the final Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya's task.
  6. 1. Description When using ARP captain in match, all teammates' Quick Messages do not use correct voice matching their ship's nationality. Their Quick Messages used the ARP captain's voice instead. 2. Reproduction steps Audio setting > Voiceover modification > National 3. Result All teammates' Quick Messages do not use correct voice matching their ships' nationality. Their Quick Messages will use the ARP captain's voice. 4. Expected result All teammates' Quick Messages should have their voice matching their ship's nationality. 5. Technical details None.
  7. Quithelion

    Any hints for Defend Newport scenario?

    Regarding IJN DDs in Newport scenario, with Kamikaze and Fubuki as well as exceptional team mates, we earned 5 stars. There are plenty of islands for stealth and ambush torping. The only downside is the CV in my team tend to compete with same targets that my torps are already in the water. So choose bots that isn't the nearest to everybody (especially CV) and isn't half dead to maximise damage potential. The other downside with DD is that if you show yourself, bots tend to target you over the forts, more so if you're half dead. Which is why I didn't use my USN DD. To OP, randoms are randoms in Scenarios. Best of luck in getting a somewhat competent team mates, or better yet Division.
  8. Quithelion

    i think iv debunked why no one doesnt push no more

    A teamwork based game that relied on damages dealt to earn rewards to grind both captain and ship tiers, that is multiplied if winning matches and win 1st game of the day, which you can only earn a lot if you stayed alive and deal damage until the end of the match while hoping your teammates do the tanking, although you could potentially throw the match while tunnel visioned to deal as much damage, also get the kill and ignored the objective, which incidentally get less rewarded for losing the match. That's the problem with players of that mindset when logging into WoWS. Maybe WG could do a test: create a team deathmatch mode and see how many players will play it over a long period of time. The only objective is kill and you get significantly a lot and the only rewards for it. The only map is Ocean.
  9. Quithelion

    Cleveland, once good, now a salt machine

    I liked Cleveland. I specced AA on her and were the ultimate cure for sky <content removed>. While it's a support ship, she's deadly in close quarter combat against DD and potatoes in CC (I've met CC players who angled more often now). Because of the camping meta, rainbow shells are hard to hit targets, even on BB players with half a brain. While I can WASD hack from BB shells, it's not guaranteed as BB players (a few too many for my comfort) too can adapt and predict, or they're just bad aim that I shellbeat myself into it... As for firing behind island, a good idea for my selfish self... but if I want to do it, so does the other guy in my team, hence nobody is doing any spotting... which is a bad idea for the whole team. I'll do it if the situation present itself and I were at the right time and place, but I'll not actively seek and wait to get myself into that situation. The way I see it, it's because there is progression to grind (captain skills) that are only awarded for successful aggresive plays. As in you need to stay alive until the end of the match and aggressive. To stay alive, at least until middle of the match requires you to stay behind someone else and be ignored by the enemies while they focus on the suckers in front of you. Thus, camping meta. Which Cleveland isn't very good at, or at least me. In fact, I do better in Aoba. Insults/Derogatory comments. Post Edited. User Warned ~ADM_dude
  10. Quithelion

    Independence Strike Airwing - Struggle

    I am in similar situation as you. I stopped at Independence after trolling enemy CVs with AS loudout in Bouge and Langley. The problem I had with Independence is that Ryujou have 5 air groups. AS can only stop Ryujou Strike's 1 DB/TB and 1 FT (have no choice in this). 3 other groups are free whatever they please. While Ryujou AS' 3 FT will lockdown all 3 of our air groups while the remaining 1 DB and 1 TB spreading their love. It's been heard that WG intended overhaul CV's GUI first, only then re-balance CV. I also heard WG considering have all CVs at relevant tiers have same number of air groups. I now just play Independence 1/1/1 in Co-op. Bot likes to troll too whatever loudout you choose in Co-op. Also, it's fine to ask for AA from your teammates.
  11. Quithelion

    People are quitting

    I may be wrong, but this is my thought: Molotov is a good ships killer because of her laser guns, but she's also very easy to be sunk if played wrong or not good enough. Players bought her when Youtubers or somebody posted unicum level damage videos of her. Then later they found out she's just harder to play, for example a Molotov player I sunk with my rainbow guns on the day she is being sold.
  12. Quithelion

    how did WG make such a mess of cruisers

    If you're ranting about Yorck alone, I'm a bit salty about it because it burns me more than I could to it, even when theoretically as IJN CA I should burn it sooner Then again KM cruisers turn worse than... whatever you think is very slow. Even when I'm still at Konigsberg, attempt to turn when I'm spotted is not going to go well. If you're ranting just by your post's title, it's RNGesus, period.
  13. Quithelion

    WG’s fallacy

    Didn't WG admitted invisi-firing with IJN DD is their over-sight when re-designed them? I think I could take advantage of any enemy ships that have RPF when I'm in a DD, especially IJN. Flanking and instilling fear that I'm there. The problem with the average players is that not many understand the importance of flanking. I facepalm every time I see my teammates hurdle up in a tight ball, and hope against hope the enemy focus on the next guy that shows slightly more broadside.
  14. a) Iirc, MM separate newbies and veterans, I don't know how exactly it works, how often, or how effective. Ask WG. b) We still don't know how many players will actually train RPF since there are other skills worth training. As for me, I don't play Ranks so I don't think I myself would want to gimp myself for randoms by training RPF considering grinding captains only add more pains to grinding in a F2P games. My highest level captain is only 14 points, the rest hovers at around 10 points. c) Vio_Strygun explained. TL: DU, the reduction is multiplicative as opposed to DE's addictive.
  15. Quithelion

    Nobody talk about HE shell can citadel?

    With Cleveland I consider myself lucky if I can hit anything at all and maaaaaaaaaybe start a fire, let alone wishing for a random citadel with plunging HE. I do vaguely remember some HE citadels on CV's deck. CVs are quite fragile anyway.