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  1. NuclearErick

    Love Secret Santa

    After i saw the Flamu 20x open video... Buyed a Admiral Container 5 X $5 nothing big 1500 doubloons and a lot of camos Today another 5x Admiral, and 5x of Captain strange i got 3000 doubloons on Admiral 35 Dragon Flags and more camos but in the Captain 3x Premiun ships, Ishizushi, Scharhorst and Blyskawica
  2. NuclearErick

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    I just got Try our luck container got a Super Container
  3. NuclearErick

    USS Indianapolis is now in ASIA Premium shop.

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-c1d4QVKztu8_3f8VqMtKw user: Notser here we go
  4. NuclearErick

    Sunk by 1 torpedo from 100% health in BB

    I was in the Amagi 45k health or more and got Detonated from a Atago Torp in the middle of the ship I saw the torps thinking (ok lest take only 1 torp in the middle because is the "most" protect part of the ship) but NO... RNG was not in my side that day
  5. NuclearErick

    [Poll] Best premium Ship

    1+ i wish had money to buyed missed again... now my hope is to sell again until the end of the year
  6. NuclearErick

    Server temporarily down

    In my case i reconnect to the server, but i couldnt re-join in the battle kinda like i rage quit... lost a good papa papa flag
  7. NuclearErick

    income increase in higher tiers?

    https://www.youtube.com/user/MrNotser youtuber: Notser
  8. NuclearErick

    Good premium money maker? (Only BBs and CA/CL)

    Murmansk - 14k 100% damage Atago - 70k just to compare the Mogami is +/- 100k
  9. NuclearErick


    At higher Tiers is worst... my team won but i dont like it
  10. NuclearErick

    Clear Sky Medal ?

    In some games right now not me playing CVs i got a teamate with 40 - 100+ planes shoot down, but no more Clear Sky Medal ?? This is happening even before the patch Thanks