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  1. i got mine without converting at all. toke me about 1 year worth of grind.
  2. ReNation

    Will doubloons expire?

    the doubloon will stay there in ur account as long as u dont use it. it will never expire
  3. ReNation

    Montana vs GK vs Yamato

    minotaur is NOT a BB. comparing mino and GK is like comparing a coffee and bottle.
  4. ReNation

    Montana vs GK vs Yamato

    9.1km max spec-ed
  5. ReNation

    ninja nerf? a useless rant thread.....

    played this game since OBT. (around oct-nov 2015) Hosho never ever have DB
  6. no even with vanilla launcher u need to download almost 5 gigs for main engine client and another around 9-10 gigs for sdcontent which contain models and textures and it expanded into around 30 gigs installed u can delete those in "updates" folder after u finnished installing to save some space. (yes. this is the folder where all file u download stored in)
  7. Nuuuuuuuu that gonna be hilariously awkward af >.<
  8. ReNation

    My first impression of USS Kidd

    i doubt that
  9. 5 containers. 0 collection. hmmmm
  10. When? by the time it's released
  11. ReNation

    Mid October Discounts

    IIRC, if u already have the ship. and u got the double of it. u will get replacement in : - Credit value, if u got the double from ingame mission - Doubloon value, if u got the double from premium shop
  12. ReNation

    Does Premium boost Base XP?

    let seee there is BASE, and 2 kind of multiplier(premium & ingame item) BASE = Exp that u got completely without multiplier (what u see in TEAM SCORE tab) Premium Status = multiplier that u got from premium account (x1.5) [if u dont have premium then its x1] Ingame item = bonus that u got from all ingame item (flags and camo), its all additive (for example type 6 camo = +100%, equal speed charlie london = +50%, hydra = + 50%, ourobos = +100%. if u mount all of them = 100 + 50 + 50 + 100 = + 300% so what u got = (BASE + Ingame item) x Premium status if u got 1000 exp in team score then u will get = 1000 + 3000 [300% from all item i said above] = 4000 exp without premium account if u have premium account then u will get 4000 x 1.5 = 6000 exp
  13. ReNation

    Tier IV Destroyer Face-off

    best tier 4 DD? hands down to ClubSon
  14. RJ-Sims-Flint when you are in tier 6 CV
  15. ReNation

    Lets talk about yamato

    overmatch is overhyped if u overmatch something it will become overpens ribbon most of times 2.1 sigma they said? uber accuration they said? yeah. while the horizontal dispersion is kind of grouped to the middle. yamato got screwed hard by her super bad vertical dispersion so yeah. back to square one yamato buff when?