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  1. i see Stockaku there
  2. as right now : June 21,2017 the strongest cruiser in the game is : MONTANA
  3. have u tried using external keyboard. as in normal USB PC keyboard. its probably caused dead keyboard (stuck key) that causing ghost key ghost key is happening when a key in the keyboard is pressed continuously(keep pressing without releasing) when it does happen. keyboard refuse to input another key until the pressed key is released. normal standard keyboard usually doesnt support anti ghost key. some cheap gaming keyboard support partial anti-ghost key. and some expensive one support anti-ghost key to whole keyboard. try grab USB keyboard from ur PC and use it. and see if the symptom still happening or u can grab some cheap 5 bucks USB keyboard if u dont have 1
  4. BBs

    nah... every1 keep angle kiting..
  5. BBs

    its effective sometimes. i remember my friend @xscore got witherer, confederate. HC. 200k ish damage in his NC.. well if u see witherer. u know what i mean.
  6. in gaede. its sticking with 128mm is better choice. the 150mm gun takes TOO long to reload. to the point it doesnt worth it. but in z-23. u can take 150mm gun, since 150mm gun on z-23 gives u 1 extra barrel (turrets A become double). and the reload is somewhat acceptable. still slow. but yeah. Much better than gaede. note : z-23 need BOTH hull B and upgraded gun to access the double barrel turrets. yeah. upgrade ur hull first.
  7. what i mean is. u dont need to worry. WG can do something about naming somehow.. well that aside. we dont know if that Battle cruiser will get their debut here or not.
  8. dont worry remember the T3 USN Cruiser St. Louis vs French T9 cruiser Saint Louis?
  9. Behold FDG and GK. 24s base reload that can be reduced even more with AR
  10. having the said ship/captain is "probably" required to get the access to their voice.. for example. if u want ashigara voice option. u need to have ashigara captain. well. i said "probably" coz i am not really sure my self. coz i have all ARP captain/ship in my port. Edit: checked with my friend acc that only have takao and kirishima ship (iona gunzo kirishima takao captain) all voice option is available in his acc.
  11. should be in bottom right corner in ur screen (just a little above carrousel/ship list)
  12. u got wrong module dude. he is talking about researchable module (like gun/torps)
  13. same module research on different ship(like in WoT) used to be in game in beta stage. but it has been shafted. each ship has their own module. even tough the module name/effect is same u have to research it to make it elite
  14. do integritycheck
  15. NC accuracy buff? nah. she doesnt need any. she has hard time hitting long range not because of the accuracy. but, because of her slow shell. only in concealment department. (except shimakaze) other than concealment. USN DD rekt the IJN DD very easily. and yeah. USN DD is the best all rounder DD. Pensacola is not shit anymore after that Uber concealment buff that makes her 2nd best stealty cruiser at tier 7 its hard to carry well in NO. but the ship it self is fine tough. not bad. but she received the reload buff just few patch ago.