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  1. ReNation

    The Key to Victory: A Community Halloween Challenge

    Get a key and escape the Polygon Reach maximum Battle Points
  2. i got mine without converting at all. toke me about 1 year worth of grind.
  3. ReNation

    Will doubloons expire?

    the doubloon will stay there in ur account as long as u dont use it. it will never expire
  4. ReNation

    Montana vs GK vs Yamato

    minotaur is NOT a BB. comparing mino and GK is like comparing a coffee and bottle.
  5. ReNation

    Montana vs GK vs Yamato

    9.1km max spec-ed
  6. ReNation

    ninja nerf? a useless rant thread.....

    played this game since OBT. (around oct-nov 2015) Hosho never ever have DB
  7. no even with vanilla launcher u need to download almost 5 gigs for main engine client and another around 9-10 gigs for sdcontent which contain models and textures and it expanded into around 30 gigs installed u can delete those in "updates" folder after u finnished installing to save some space. (yes. this is the folder where all file u download stored in)
  8. Nuuuuuuuu that gonna be hilariously awkward af >.<
  9. ReNation

    My first impression of USS Kidd

    i doubt that
  10. 5 containers. 0 collection. hmmmm
  11. When? by the time it's released
  12. ReNation

    Mid October Discounts

    IIRC, if u already have the ship. and u got the double of it. u will get replacement in : - Credit value, if u got the double from ingame mission - Doubloon value, if u got the double from premium shop
  13. ReNation

    Does Premium boost Base XP?

    let seee there is BASE, and 2 kind of multiplier(premium & ingame item) BASE = Exp that u got completely without multiplier (what u see in TEAM SCORE tab) Premium Status = multiplier that u got from premium account (x1.5) [if u dont have premium then its x1] Ingame item = bonus that u got from all ingame item (flags and camo), its all additive (for example type 6 camo = +100%, equal speed charlie london = +50%, hydra = + 50%, ourobos = +100%. if u mount all of them = 100 + 50 + 50 + 100 = + 300% so what u got = (BASE + Ingame item) x Premium status if u got 1000 exp in team score then u will get = 1000 + 3000 [300% from all item i said above] = 4000 exp without premium account if u have premium account then u will get 4000 x 1.5 = 6000 exp
  14. ReNation

    Tier IV Destroyer Face-off

    best tier 4 DD? hands down to ClubSon
  15. RJ-Sims-Flint when you are in tier 6 CV