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  1. torpedo damage 404 not found bug not found
  2. V V V then either way. you'll have to get past the Kare-don by any means (playing it or free exp it). just like any other line
  3. was only able to play for 3 games a day during jack campaign even more i got a trip during the 2nd week of the campaign, so i was only able to play 9 out of 15 days of the campaign. and yet i still got the jack....
  4. no its more like he doesnt know that he can buy the rest of collection using duplicates 30 duplicates is like 7 collection for bismarck and 6 collection for dunkirk open collection menu click the collection that u don't own yet. and buy it using duplicates 1 bismarck collection can be bought using 4 bismarck duplicates 1 dunkik collection can be bought using 5 dunkik duplicates now go finnish ur collection.
  5. this is not attainable anymore all report / compliment from 1 player is only counted as 1 after 2 or 3 patch ago (2 patch iirc)
  6. Git Gut pie
  7. make sure u dont damage your allies.. damaging/killing allies will give u "Team Killer" status (marked with PINK name) just as we can see in your screenshoot. u have team killer status (pink name) while in team killer status. ALL damage u deal to your allies will be REFLECTED and MULTIPLIED back to you (counted as u damaging your self). and u can kill your self this way and yeah. damaging your self and allies will prolong your team killer status even more. if u keep doing it, it will lead u to get banned. so be carefull and mind your action next time
  8. can some1 tell where where was our downvote button again
  9. there is timeframe for each achievement to be triggered 1. if 2 ppl kill within almost same time (still in the timeframe) then both will get first blood NOT BUG 2. again.. if 2 ppl killing each other within almost same time (still in the time frame) then none will get flesh wound NOT BUG 3. no replay, no screenshoot, no log. means NO BUG.
  10. Become Torpedo~
  11. OP tease is damn right, just like my experience with RN CL black swan = cheeky OP little ship weymouth = Food >.< Kare-don = Citadel from everywhere. (even clemson HE can citadel u) Danae = this was fun.. playing her like a DD. hug island. ambush and torps those tier 3-4 BB. such good feeling Memerald = 1 bomb drop from ranger = <3k hp left Leander = a light in the end of tunel... shes great. amazing concealment. great accelaration, great turning. and now the shell are start to ACTUALLY dealing damage. Fiji = Leander Upgraded. moar guns. moar phew phew. great tier 7 ship Edin = the accelaration/de-accelaration and rudder is a bit meh after i have been pampered by leander and fiji. but the heal. OMG. well she still good ship Neptune = Holy AA. manouverability is close to Fiji(better than edin). have to becarefull tough. her citadel is like a tower (i have several instance where i got insta deleted). but yeah. aside of those citadel, shes damn great ship Memetaur = EuroBeat all in all.. this line is a GREAT line. (if u can ignore the frustation in lower tier) but yeah. more skill, and more awareness in needed to make this ship line work
  12. well yah. if its FDG then shes called FDG for reasons.
  13. any sane ppl know that currently, Yamato is the worst from all of tier X BB
  14. 1. well... USN doesnt like top heavy design. the reason why they make whole new design for fargo was because they decide that cleveland is way TOO top heavy. 2. yes she was. and she was named as KRI Irian back then in Indonesia. as for what happed to her fate, its even become mystery among Indonesian people