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  1. best tier 4 DD? hands down to ClubSon
  2. RJ-Sims-Flint when you are in tier 6 CV
  3. overmatch is overhyped if u overmatch something it will become overpens ribbon most of times 2.1 sigma they said? uber accuration they said? yeah. while the horizontal dispersion is kind of grouped to the middle. yamato got screwed hard by her super bad vertical dispersion so yeah. back to square one yamato buff when?
  4. "ah i finally get it" -looking at the credit- *SCREAAAM* -okay lets play it- -play it once- -500k repair fee- *SCREAAAAAAAAM* that was when OBT-release state
  5. some1 lagged with 100mbps connection? i wanna laugh hard.. here i play with measly 1mbps (ONE mega bit per sec) and play it just fine, no lag. got decent ping around 40-60ms. and nope. i am not from SG. everything load pretty fast. game loaded around 30s-20s before match start. from report screen to port take like 5-10 seconds. windows 10? there are a LOT of players playing with windows 10, including me. and there is no constant crashing or so what ever. crash does happen to me. but its pretty rare. probably around once or twice a weeks.
  6. nope nope nope dont u ever bow on with Nelly u can't bow on with nelly u can't broadside with nelly then how u should positioning ur self? think about it.... and also. don't go on to the spotlight too often. she can't take a beating. Nelly like to eat damage like eating a desert. anything else from her is great decent speed decent turning she can wiggle well. all 3 turrets faced front mean u can focuss all gun easier when whiching target at other side great accuracy. with decent penetration power. and dont forget that absurb heal
  7. have u activate "animate small object" in option menu?
  8. consumable camouflages doesnt wrong tough coz the camo is consumed after every battle. (unless u mount perma camo)
  9. ごめなさい、私わ日本人じゃないです。 私はそれを翻訳しようとします。「GOOGLE師匠、おねがいします m(_ _)m」 ダウンロードとインストール : Direct X End-user runtime (june 2010): PCを再起動する preferences.xmlを削除する :「これお見て:」 どぁ、ガームきどします それが動作するかどうか私に教えてください
  10. 英語でいいでしか? これおためします update Direct X End-user runtime (june 2010) : restart PC delete : Preferences.xml try open the game.
  11. transparent minimap? doesnt need mod for this just set the water level transparancy or ur minimap while u are ingame. press control[CTRL] to free ur mouse. then click the little gear above ur minimap, and set it there multi level carousel? also doesnt need mod for this in your port. look at top left side of ur carousel. there is antena like icon which is filter icon click it. then u can set[check] the compact carousel setting. after that u can go for 2/3/4 level of carousel tough u need 1080p screen or higher to use 3 or 4 level carousel.
  12. actually.. DD spotting exp and credits gut buffed sometime ago. while it doesnt become sudden boost like the broken cap exp when it was introduced, it does gives DD more than when it was implemented first time. tough yeah. its only partial of what we earned. we can't just rely on spotting alone. coz most of the exp/credits DD earn is from capping and yeah ofcourse like any other ship (damage)
  13. battle performance wise. they are identical. (minus camo for takao coz she can't use it) but well yeah. takao misses any premium trait that atago has (base credit multiplier and cheaper repair fee). and yes. ARP ship is treated like pseudo premium ship now (minus special trait that actual premium ship has). they can be used as captain trainer for IJN captain.
  14. WGC only for released game tough. game that is in test phase (public TEST for example) wont be added into the WGC library