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  1. Takeda1230k

    [活動] 亞服:五週年活動

    i love dynamo forever!!!!!!!
  2. hope the bug will not happen next time ,
  3. no,kots mission chain is not here.and 1 cc said the kots code is out of time,well
  4. hmmm.i need check it too,sounds like a big joke from WG lol
  5. my page show this error log for“youcantwinallthetime”
  6. something changed,the error log become short
  7. lol i tried but nothing happened lol
  8. waiting for fix too、、
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  11. Takeda1230k

    [投票開始] 亞太臂章設計競賽

    我还有些别的好康,本来是作为vtuber皮套做的人物设计 跑得慢的肥肥yamato,和不停吐口水点火的smolensk yamato重甲,斯摩棱斯克是裸体狂奔 如果觉得funny请给点支持啦! (PS:vtb皮套的计划因为我的学业处于毕业阶段,不停做实验改论文,已经没空实现了,估计以后会有机会的,大概会供我公会的[scboy]THXZK使用,他在bilibili有直播和视频,很多是starcraft2和wows的视频,也请有空去看看)
  12. Takeda1230k

    [投票開始] 亞太臂章設計競賽

    hello bros ,how about my graffiti design. sea players are cold blood sniper zombies lol. shoot at 20km far away and run like hermes,so there are also some Wheat wings and olive wings havefun,i wish i could upload and share more funny designs
  13. Sry for ask a change of this Patch。。not good as the past version.I can learn I should buy more ship for a new stage of this patch ,but the view style is not goood!!!plz tell me I am not alone ,thx
  14. Takeda1230k

    結果 — 彩蛋競賽