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  1. Drakken_Xero

    TEMPORARY FIX For Chat Censoring in 0.6.1

    Thanks for the tip. Yeah, WG in Asia. Kindly fix the in-chat censoring ASAP. It's annoying in the next level, because it obstructs proper communication. I wonder, though. why did they censor words that are somewhat vaguely & subtly vulgar.
  2. Tsukuba (formerly large armored cruiser) -> Myougi -> Kongou -> B-65 -> ? -> Amagi -> Kii -> Number 13
  3. RN would get a battlecruiser line, and Hood is likely the premium representing Admiral-class. USN wasn't much of my field, but I can take a look around if I have the time. IJN will likely have a revised battleship line alongside a battlecruiser line. Keep in mind that both VMF and KMS battlecruisers are distinctive from RN, IJN and SMS ones, as they were designed in different combat philosophy in mind.
  4. Hi there. Nice to meet you. See you in the gathering on the evening if I can
  5. Drakken_Xero

    AniManga Chat :E

    More than that, Japan is more capable at it.
  6. Drakken_Xero

    AniManga Chat :E

    Ellen-sensei got so popular within a few days lol
  7. I see. I replaced them but having trouble to edit the title. I apologize for the unknowing misunderstanding. PS: Sorry for double-posting. Connection problem.
  8. The Soviet design bureaus were very particular with their respective specialty. For seaplanes, OKB Beriev and other few like Shavrov and Nikitin were their specialized field. OKB Mikoyan, Sukhoi and Yakovlev were not responsible for it, however. So don't expect a modified Yak or MiG planes to be floatplanes. As for Soviet planes, as far as the CV line discussion went, this is the most difficult task for dev team to make it happen. It requires sheer load of dedication and efforts to come out with a very good warplanes line for their aircraft carriers, and I believe player base can give helping hands for them to create a framework through a thorough researches and analysis. Same can be said for both German and Italian ones as well, and maybe French to a lesser extend.
  9. LOL! To achieve that, first, a fleet must work together and cruise to victory!
  10. Done edited I hope you guys are alright to get along with me
  11. Their battlecruisers were at first developed like a large heavy cruiser (or a large armored cruiser, if you will) with small battleship guns. From Tier VI to VIII, their development began to integrate Type B light battleship concept. Until Kronshtadt, it became a product of heavy cruiser and light battleship combined. It seem like a sound evolution in technological development along the line. Sadly, the Soviets did not make a seaplane with powerful enough armaments to become fighters. Not quite, but it seem logical in fluid dynamics perspective as a long slender hull tend to cruise faster than short wide hull at the cost of rudder shift. Actually from NA forums. I'm here as a mean for a little more publicity. LOL! One mustn't expect too much for the power of Stalinium. But not all of them were what I expected, as some of their ships got into the game were overlooked.