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  1. Jiggs79

    Ranked Bug

    So I lost a match at Level 4 to go down to level 5. I then won the next match and stayed at level 5?
  2. Jiggs79

    4K displays

    Hey all - anyone know of anyway to increase icon, text, etc sizes so that they are a little more visible on a 4k monitor? The sizing is way to small
  3. Jiggs79

    Making the game more fun

    Love the thoughts unraveller! Would be good if the game actually rewarded the behaviours visibily - might get more players doing it
  4. Jiggs79

    Making the game more fun

    Mingfang - you missed the point about it being exponetial versus linear increase in dispersion . This would make the effect far more pronounced. Clearly not - or we would not be talking about this. Sure you can finish a battle in under 20 mins - but a lot of them time out. Or the classic of lets chase each other round a map of domination. Boring!
  5. Jiggs79

    Making the game more fun

    Interesting that most people think that with mega increased dispersion that there will be even more camping. If sniping from 20kms was almost impossible to get a hit - surerly more people will push forward? Part of the reasoning is - when I play a bismark for example, often times I am ahead of most ships. My dispersion is so bad and my secondaries (were) so handy that it made sense to push and be aggressive. When ppl suck at the bismark they are usually at the back of the map. Agree that on the lack of team play - I think it needs to be more like game like battlefield - you get points for helping your team. It would be good to have this called out as a visual aid with reward to players - e.g. see and encourage 'good' behaviour Ohh and swiftsure - maybe it is not as campy as it once was. But it is still so goddamn slow that it is not fun
  6. Hey all, While WoWs is a pretty fun game, it does seem that some of the design choices have led to some not so fun play styles - particularly at higher tiers. T10 battles can be sooooooo boring, nothing like a 20 minute battle for a total of 4 ships (across both teams) to sink. A big part of this is the overall design, so boring when there are a bunch of BBs max range sniping. In terms of the overall meta, I would love to see a much more aggresive play style rather than the current camp meta. I believe that there are a couple of ways of changing this; 1. Change dispersion to be an exponetial rather than linear change. E.g long range sniping = way more dispersion. Fight closer in - even more accurate guns Failing that, increase the arc (or decrease the speed) of BB shells significanlty to discourage such long range sniping 2. I would also buff secondaries on a number of BBs/ CAs to help promote getting close in Was curious to see some other peoples thoughts on this? Or other ways to promote more aggressive / faster play
  7. Jiggs79

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    I think you misunderstood me a little - What I meant was buff secondaries on all ships - not just german. Let the me keep 'better' than everyone else secondaries as the main guns are all over the shop
  8. Jiggs79

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Seems like every time that they do a 'balance' type thing they promote even more passive gameplay. The game is slow enough as it is FFS. Hell buff secondaries and encourage people to get in close and aggressive!
  9. Jiggs79

    Players quality.

    It would help if you were not allowed to Div with CV's; E.g. you can make a AA div and go with a carrier and you are pretty much set to own. Perhaps carriers should just be individual queing?
  10. Jiggs79

    Thoughts on Kaga?

    Dire - Kaga is fun but not at all balanced, sort of like the strike ranger - heaps of fun but need to get it right to work Your fighters are only for distraction That said I really enjoy the Kaga - she is good for a laugh. You will get owned by Saipans though
  11. Jiggs79

    IJN cv vs USS cv?

    Shocky is easier to play then Lex, but I find it less fun than the hiryu Lex is so much fun but much harder as strike It is so goddamn boring as AS - 202 is like watching paint dry
  12. Jiggs79

    Is this an April fools joke?

    Wows just found another way to make gameplay even more boring and passive! Seems like all the changes are similar in that regard. Think this through, the addition of Radar makes it more likely that high tier DDs will get spotted and subsequently sunk. To counter this more DDs will spend less time getting close (to minimise their danger) and will tend to launch more torps from close to max range and just tend to spam rather than hunt and stalk individual ships. How about rewarding aggressive play not passive play? Something that is already a massive problem in the higher tiers? Hydro needed a buff, its probably too much but that will get sorted out over time (good that it rewards attacking cruisers trying to charge into the smoke and chase DDs)
  13. Very plausible given the hidden mechanics in the game and the ability to RNG certain elements. The bit of a give away for me is the ability of camo's to reduce enemy accuracy, for this to work it means that you need to have a process to alter a players base accuracy. So why not then just push the probability of getting citadeled higher - will reducing the players chance? Easy to code as well.
  14. Is the gameplay the same? E.g. 90% of players staying as far back as possible? Sick of always having to chase!
  15. Jiggs79

    seems that the game favours the cowards

    Yup - the game design choices are part of this. Lets see - BBs - oooh lets snipe away as far away from danger as we can Dispersion does not seem to greatly affected by distance We know the distance of the enemy ships, there is no wind, no waves to introduce greater variation into our shooting - hmm We can see and shoot at enemy ships with perfect information that we cannot directly see (e.g. spotted by a team mate) Add to that the crazy costs to repair ships at the higher tiers - most people run away screaming that the paintwork might get scratched on their ships. While I only occassionaly get pulled into Tier X matches - these seem to be the most boring! Map design - having long channels that teams can easily trade pot shots at long range - definetly does not help Yeah I am not surprised that so much of the game favours cautious, boring play. There is little benefit to being aggressive! Add to that rounds that go to full time without a clear winner - yeah it is not so great!