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  1. Saoshyant

    Question about HMS Fiji

    thanks. but still a unworthy upgrade lol
  2. Saoshyant

    Question about HMS Fiji

    Fiji has a upgrade option of torp,but i wikied that it has ONLY increased a little dmg,that's no more than 1k? But it cost 12k exp and 1m credit. What is that?
  3. Finished the Arp Takao mission days ago,and is tired of tsudere girl.want to try a male voice but couldn't find gunzo in the voice select menu.Is him installed this patch?
  4. Saoshyant

    Supertest Recruitment Round 4

    Ayase_EllieI would like to apply to be a Supertester cos I want to contribute to this game and give suggestions on new ships.