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  1. Azzadal

    Missouri or Yamato ?

    Currently I'm sitting at 184,414 Free Exp I enjoy playing Battleships and i want too add some to my collection namely the USS Missouri or the IJN Yamato and was wondering if anyone could help me decide which one to go after
  2. Azzadal

    My Tirpitz Build

    Thank you for both your input i have tried Superintendent but i find that i tend to not use all of my Repair Parties High Alert sounds appealing if i use it along side the November Foxtrot signal Concealment Expert i have considered and I'm thinking about i. I have watched both atsf's "How to Tirpitz" videos which is where i got most of the build from i decided to change from a spotting aircraft to a Fighter to shrug off more of those pesky planes as for my aggressive play style i can be a bit impatient with my team prancing 20km from the enemy ships
  3. Azzadal

    My Tirpitz Build

    Tirpitz Consumables Damage Control Party 2 Repair Party 2 Catapult Fighter 2 Upgrades Main Armaments mod 1 Secondary Battery mod 2 Damage Control System mod 1 Damage Control System mod 2 Target Acquisition System mod 1 Camouflage Type 10 - Tirpitz Commander Skills Basics of Survivability Expert Marksman Vigilance Advanced Firing Training Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armaments (working on) By the way does anyone have any tips on how to fully utilize the Tirpitz? i enjoy sailing in it very much and would like to know more about it i generally like to get i nice and close so i can have my secondaries and torpedoes open fire on anyone foolish enough to get within <6 km of my ship