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  1. V_Wyvern

    Varg camouflage

    The Varg (Either form enemy ships or from halloween spacial camouflage) was very odd looking, Because other halloween ghost ships were most has rusty and decay hull for the eerie theme But Varg's hull looks almost clean as new as leaving the factory... This breaks the immersion. It's feels like it's not finished modeling.... Did this was only I think this was odd?
  2. V_Wyvern

    [0.6.3 版本]相關問題

    老實說,今年的愚人節真的是在下玩過最糟糕的一次,連隔壁棚戰車世界和戰爭雷霆的活動還比較吸引人,今年愚人節不但沒有甚麼大活動,只有一艘擺好看的破潛艇,而且還因此產生嚴重的 Bug 讓大家怨聲載道.... (明明前年的太空船大戰和去年的玩具船大戰不是很好嗎?照這樣的方式辦個活動地圖的話,絕對比起今年這樣還要好上數倍)